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  1. Or maybe The Doors "Roadhouse Blues"? Which you young un's wouldn't knowabout. 'Let it roll' has been around a while.
  2. If TY needs someone else to turn on the switch and make him play better, he needs to grow up and learn how to play every game. Pretty ridiculous. He can be a great receiver, but he needs to learn from Reggie how to bring it every game. Like a professional.
  3. I know Toler had a pick, but he gave up some crucial third downs with poor coverage across the middle, and he gave up a touchdown way too easily. Not overall a good day for Toler. LOL at FairleySuhper. Read the posts.
  4. I think Moala makes the roster. McKinney? He's gone.
  5. I'm not sure there's a player on the roster that has impressed me less than Bradley Sowell. Ziemba not so much, but I must have missed him playing tackle. I thought he just played left guard. And Reitz has been exclusively LT, and seemed to play much better there. Cleary has been just ok, but I think is more versatile than the others? Maybe not. Howell played well, but if we keep Asante for special teams it will be hard to keep Howell over an experienced Lefeged. Still, I'd like to see Howell kept. We are so weak after our top 3 cb's. I didn't see any that stood out as having potent
  6. While I might agree with you, the coaching staff and front office apparently do not. Didn't know if you were listing players we wanted on the final 53, or players we thought would actually be there. I forgot about Lefeged. I think he will be there ahead of Asante. I'm rooting for Ijalana, but he's not been given much playing time. When he has played, he's looked more like a guard than a tackle to me (poor lateral movement).
  7. I don't think Montori Hughes has shown enough and 'reports'/'rumors' are there are motivation issues. Maybe add Moala there. Agree that Tevaseu is probably out. I think Cleary is out on o-line, and Ijalana also. Add McGlynn there, unfortunately. I still think Cunningham over Jones, but it is close. Maybe just add Cunningham there. It IS very tough. Good list, though. We know there will be a surprise or two.
  8. Tough time to be named 'Hughes'.
  9. Reitz should be back at LG, which would help. We have to game plan against Watts because nobody on our offensive line can handle him.
  10. I'm sure your argument is well thought out, and you're entitled to it. Your wonderful quip about being Seth's brother is proof of your logic and thoughtful process in posting. Sheesh. 1959Colts, you are right on the money. There were plenty of mistakes all around yesterday and Justice had his fair share. The Titans blitzed two on our left side on one play, and Castanzo failed to pick up either one. He about got Luck killed on that play, choosing to crash down instead of pick up a blitzer. Satele failed to come off a double team to pick up another defender, and that resulted in a big hit
  11. I'd like to see more of Shipley, but we seemed to improve with him in there. I'm all for Angerer to get more snaps when he's healthy, but Connor played pretty well yesterday.
  12. Good argument. I'm sure your opinion is built on rock solid information like that 'one play' you recalled. Maybe. In that 'one game'.
  13. Nobody said Olsen was the answer at LG. But people watch a couple of plays where a lineman gets beat and that sums up their opinion. If you watch the body of work of our offensive line this year, Olsen has not been problem people think he is. Link at RT, Satele, Justice today, and McGlynn have all given up their fair share of sacks and hits on Luck, and people are a revolving door on who they want to hate each week. Shipley has been impressive and Link didn't do bad at LG. It was when we had a consistent 3 to 4 game starting lineup for our offensive line that we played the best. Things g
  14. Yep. Olsen struggled a great deal today. It was also his first game back from IR, forced into action early. He's not as bad as people want to make him out to be, though. He brings a more physical presence than Reitz or Link at the LG spot.
  15. Kravitz is not a very good sports columnist. Had we kept Peyton Manning, traded the pick, drafted Russell Wilson (or Tannehill, or Weeden, or Foles who I think has the ability to be a good NFL qb), and were 10-2 right now with Peyton (which I think would be the case), would it still have been the right thing to do? Because we are 8-4 right now does not make this automatically the right decision. We'll have more information for discussion in a couple of years, but right now we can just cheer for Luck and the Colts without having to validate our position on the decision prematurely.
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