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  1. who else wants to play Denver in the first round this year???
  2. jags win cause of henne's porn stache
  3. Good point didnt think that. Okay no replacement refs
  4. can we have the refs from the packers/seahawks game
  5. I am really starting to love Coach Pagano. I think he is the perfect choice for us. We brings a swagger we havent had in a while.
  6. who are the offense captain. Wayne and ????? or just wayne
  7. dont get me wrong we look good but remember its only preseason guys.
  8. its preseason. Remember the lions looked great the year they went 0-16
  9. Get use too it until one becomes Ryan Leaf
  10. Cory Simon....... Okay just kidding. I would say its Heck i dunno I dont think I have an all time favorite.
  11. Love me some Gary Brackett but I think it would be a waste of space. Not even from a captain state of mind. The 3-4 defense would be foreign with him.
  12. 1. Peyton Manning vs 9. Dwight Freeney 12. Robert Mathis vs 4. Reggie Wayne 22. John Mackey vs 3. Marvin Harrison 7. Tony Dungy vs 2. Johnny Unitas
  13. I was thinking today at work. Do you think people will forget caldwell was a coach for the colts?? And who was the first coach you remember who coached the colts. Mine was Ted Marchibroda in 92.
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