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  1. The future disappears into memory With only a moment between Forever dwells in that moment Hope is what remains to be seen

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    2. southwest1


      And what happens if you have no memory & are suffering from amnesia? Forever doesn't matter, the future doesn't matter, & the only thing that does matter is the hope that you can remember your name, your address, & your significant other & close friends. Hopefully, she's smart, wealthy, & drop dead gorgeous while we are at it. Even with amnesia, I dream big & my moment of memory is awesome.

    3. Flying Elvis

      Flying Elvis

      :0) The lyrics are by Neil Peart again. It's "The Garden" from their latest album. http://vimeo.com/69675246

    4. southwest1


      Does that mean that I make a "Rush" to judgment giving up so quickly & not throwing a few educated guesses out there FE? Okay, not all that funny I admit. :D

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