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  1. Lol I just stand behind the colts regardless but my real intention was to those who gave us no credit in hardly any game those who said we would be lucky to win 5 but anyway iam glad we won now can we believe in blue
  2. To all you haters that said we would loose are you colts fans or ban wagon jumpers that was impressive to come back and win and a rookie do it in a minute 14 cmon rookies are not suppose to do that say what you want about ints I don't like them either but wow luck needs rookie of the year minus the ints what a win so what are the real colts fans saying now? ?
  3. Colts 31 bills 20 that includes a Butler pick 6
  4. I said from the get go 9-7 seems to be the number to me
  5. Sorry Darius Butler pick 6 final score colts 31 bills 20
  6. Score, yardage all the above I say luck 39/50 328 yds 2 tds 0ints I rushing td rushes 35yds Ballard 68yds brown 49yds? Colts win 31 bills 20 go colts!
  7. You have bumped your head I'll take luck over rg111 anyday
  8. This May sound crazy buuuut but we shock the nation Luck 32/43 319 yds passing 26 yds rushing 2 tds 0 ints Vick 17 rushes for 48yds brown 19 for 53yds Butler one pick 6 and 1turnover getting even with his old team colts win 24 pats 21 let's go!!
  9. I say colts win even thoug I say no luck 32/42 for 319 yds 2 rushes for 23 yds 0 ints 2 tds 20 to16 colts win upset the world what you think?
  10. I'd say luck 32/41 329 yds 2 tds 0 ints 38 yds rushing then Ballard 18 rushes for 52 yds brown 12 rushes for 59 yds colts win 24 jags13 carter 1 rushing td for 2 yds
  11. I been saying all along we would go 9-7 and make the playoffs seems more likely now since allot said 5 or 6 wins but 9-7 should be doable in my eyes go colts
  12. I'd say luck 29/39 312 yds 2 tds 0 ints 5 rushes 38yds then brown 16 for 54yds Ballard 12 for 41yds we hold Bush to 48yds Colts win 17 phins 13
  13. Well since we have colts fans who don't believe! we been good at home but I say colts16 dolphins 13
  14. I have said all long colts would be 9-7 and make wild card and suprise people
  15. Come on zib has had one good game what do we have to loose to start lefedged for at least 50% of the time zib Imo is trash we have to dress this am I wrong what's your opinion?
  16. Id say freeney is freeney to change him from a De which he's used to to a olb and expect him to be a pro bowler this year is far fetched give him a chance freeney is a great player but to trade him I want a draft pick and a legitimate player in return that would help our team but I'd keep him.
  17. Well Mathis is suppose to be back and tannehill has been pretty impressive but I think he will be out they really stomped the jets and I rarely bid against the colts regardless but this its going to be a very hard win for us hopefully iam wrong and we win in fashion I say if we stop the run pretty much completely thin we should win
  18. I'd say colts 20 Titans 13 luck 26/34 309 yds 2 tds 28 yds rushing Ballard 72 yds rushing carter 39 yds rushing and powers or Davis 1 int go colts
  19. I'll tell you this he's as advertised luck will be the greatest QB SINCE manning to come out of college in a long time wait and see Wayne already compares him to manning just give this rookie some time luck for a rookie is impressive
  20. I thought both looked good we sure stopped the run but our pass coverage was horrible we could not get hardly any pressure against weedan wow that was a nail bitter
  21. Luck 31/45 318 yds 3 tds 0 ints 31 rushing yds Ballard 58 yds carter 42yds powers 1 int colts win 24 browns 17
  22. I say we can have a good chance of holding Richardson or slowing him down because he's banged up and I think browns do good limiting Wayne but how they going to stop Avery, Hilton, fleener, Allen. I think we score a minimum of 3tds and if we get the ground game going well obviously carter can move a pile browns are in trouble
  23. Alot of people give luck a hard time and my expectations of him is high as well but he's a rookie period he still hasn't transitioned to the speed of the game as in college guaranteed give him another year or two your going to see one pheonominal gb he's already playing better then manning in his rookie l uck is as advertised give him some time and protection you will see the next great qb
  24. This is the second game in a row we have fell behind 21 to 6 and before 21 to 3 if we keep doing this were not going to win alot we need to start early and score if we can stay in or close the first half we could certainly win allot consediring luck seems top notch in two minute drill we had way to many fgs that should have been tds Imo we should have beat the jets to many mistakes and all thee above but cmon colts start early abs finish
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