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  1. Ok despite the touchdown catch nicks in my opinion just is not getting it done. Time to start moncrief and bench nicks period..........
  2. I say colts win they are hard to beat at home 34-30 colts win
  3. I will say mine is between 2. First I think Vontae Davis has been lights out and doesn't get a lot of credit. Second Doyle has been sure handed and goes out there, and plays as a full back and opens holes for the rb's. Having said this it's a close call for me, my vote goes to Doyle.
  4. I know it was a collective effort, but my game ball goes to WERNER excellent pressure 2 sacks great job D.
  5. My X factor for this year as a top pick who has made impact, and will continue to be great, goes to MONCRIEF excellent pick of a WR has good hands runs crisp routes gets YAC. In my opinion looks to be and will be a better reciever than T.Y. Whats your opinions?
  6. I done some college research on Jackson, and was impressed. Just wondering how he is doing here and if he will be a good fit? Any thoughts or insight.
  7. Does anyone know for sure, if he will get substantial playing time this week? The guy deserves a full shot!
  8. Kind of wierd Brown keeps getting positive yards and good running behind our line not Richardson, but I also understand Brown has speed.
  9. of course Da' Rick will not be there he can actually catch a ball and get seperation! oops did I say that
  10. So let me ask you this How do you beat peyton???????????????????????????? Keep him on the sidelines so to do that we will have to have a balanced game, with a run attack included not just an air attack. So if we dominate on possesion of time and keep manning on the sideline and score as well we have a great chance of winning!!
  11. OK post scores, lucks game, our rb game, and stats let's go. I say luck 36/47 295 yds 2tds 1 int rushes for 32, then Ballard adds 56yds 1 td Karim 25yds iam going out there and say we win colts 27 Texans 24
  12. I say luck 33/48 319 yds 3tds 0 ints 24 rushing yds Ballard and carter combine for 129 yds rushing tds by carter final score colts 31 Titans 20 go colts
  13. there is nothing funny other than those who believed we would not go 9-7 or better now we are there, people are believing I new what type of player we was getting in luck simply amazing year.
  14. I was at a friend's house watching it on my cell phone smoking some wings. I pretty much chalked it as a lose, and mad but I kept watching then said we have a chance. Luck in the one minute drill then it was 4 and something, with 4 seconds I said we'll at least we tried. This is it all of a sudden shovel pass td we win I was like you sure but never gave up.
  15. Well at the beginning of the season I was very hard on brown, and I do see he has speed plus I see its our o line. I like brown but I think Ballard was a sleeper pick who will get better I like his running and catching what do we do with brown let him go? Iam not sure, Ballard may end up a top notch back. What's your thoughts
  16. What's funny is I said colts would go 9-7 from the get go, now it looks like we may do better, but 9-7 is looking good to all who disagreed. Colts will make the playoffs.
  17. But cars look both ways win luck Norris crosses the street
  18. Luck Norris! I can kill two stones with one bird
  19. I have a phone that has auto spell so if I typo its my. ..... phone
  20. That's probally my problem iam deeper than a 12 pack in lol
  21. I thought he looked great, alot of tackles good special teams play does he get the start from now on I think he should? What do you think
  22. Oooooh sorry there is some typos there to man my fingers get ahead of me.
  23. People sure have a way of being nasty, I maybe over excited we won since many said were would get beat, I say call a win a win and a loss a loss. But I can take the nastyness I just love the colts that's all.
  24. Oh, sorry did not know we was in English class, I will watch my grammar for now go Colts.
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