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  1. Defensively, there was a catch by Bob Sanders, against Tennessee, where he hit the receiver in the air, and threw him down with such force that the ball popped up in the air, Bob caught it, as he landed, and took off with it. Offensively, Marvin's catch again the Pats in Foxboro, juggling at the out of bounds line in the end zone.
  2. If this is true, why wasn't it brought up by BB or BK in their respective press conferences? Seems that bringing up this would have immediately helped their case...so why not bring it up?
  3. Does anyone have the game DVR'd? on that play, I thought I saw him wearing a clear visor when the ball bounced off his face, and the next time I saw him, it was gone. Maybe he was dumb enough to try and look up in the air through a rain soaked visor and hope to have good depth perception?
  4. He said its a cold weather division...look at the other places they play...
  5. I watched the segment last night too, and while it's not in the article, he DID mention something about that...and also not in the article, but in the segment...Polian said Peyton was throwing from each hash-mark to the opposite sideline with good velocity (which reaffirms the "cross-body" reference)
  6. This just seems like the local guys trying to "one-up" the national guys. Phil's article trashes Peyton for continuing to fan the fire...then Phil reports that Peyton's having dinner with Fitz..."Hey Phil...that's fanning the fire!" There's NO NEED to report this, but hey, Phil had to one-up someone else. Anyone think that Maybe Peyton's a bit tired of everyone talking about the "house he built" in the same sentence that they're saying he's done...KNOWING he's out at the complex every day busting his hump to get back, and KNOWING that he wants to be a Colt? I'd be telling reporters what's up t
  7. Bob Sanders But Marvin is a VERY close second.
  8. Can we end this Friday with a couple of heavy duty helicopters setting two containers on the front steps of Lucas Oil stadium? One contains Peyton's Statue, and the other contains one of those cool acrylic crates full of hundred dollar bills totalling 28 million dollars, and Irsay dressed as Willy wonka again at the podium saying ">>> you guys, we're keeping Manning AND drafting Luck!" ??? Please?
  9. Don't recall what he allegedly said about Paterno, but he absolutely DID NOT get fired from NBC for making inappropriate jokes. He was fired because he stood up for the the Soldiers during the "urinating on bodies" deal. He said he couldn't imagine how they felt at the time, and said he had their back. NBC disagreed with his stance.
  10. I would take Singletary as DC! Not so much head coach...he can't win with Vernon Davis. "Cannot play with them, cannot win with them, cannot coach with them. Can't do it!"
  11. That's three Colts on the Mend. Pat McAfee had a knee procedure last week as well.
  12. If we place him on IR...he can't come back for the playoffs! wait....
  13. I was listening yesterday, and there was no article, it was simply Dan Dokich thinking that he would want to play to solidify his position on that 28 million dollar bump coming his way. Last night on the MNF pre-game, they reported that Peyton had already left the stadium when Polian made that statement about shutting him down...and Peyton knew nothing about it...someone called him and told him about it, and he was already home. Something's not seeming right in the Manning/Polian world...
  14. Unless one of the voters was named Peyton Manning...I could care less. ALL SPECULATION.
  15. Tom Moore - Jets Howard Mudd - Eagles Russ Purnell - Jags
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