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  1. Robinson has a future. I dont think he's going to be a pro bowl player. He might end up being a de facto starter because of injuries and produce for a couple year stretch. But thats pretty good value for his pick.
  2. It's not about pre-season wins. It's about the overall health of this team. I want you to take me serious when I ask this question. If Luck wasn't here & say the Colts had Stafford where are we as a Franchise? Are we still in the same spot? You are right Grigson has made the right moves resigning players to this team. When it comes to bringing in outside investments though, you're saying he should get props for signing league average guys (excluding Gore/Johnson). Those signings are even debatable money/length wise especially AJ considering injuries & Gore's age but it was a package d
  3. If JJ Watt gets hurt the Texans are a below 500 team.
  4. I know right I'm just trying to throw him a bone. For as much as Grigson has supposedly done to help us rebuild, he has also equally set us back by doing things such as: TRich, Werner, Landry, Godser, Thomas, $ to Hasselbeck, $ to Toler.
  5. I messed up earlier I should correct myself. Grigson, besides picking Luck, has made four good moves not two as previously stated. In addition to trading for Vontae & picking TY, Grigson has signed surprise Mike Adams & DQwell Jackson. I can admit when im wrong
  6. No other GM got to pick Andrew Luck either bud. You keep acting like Grigson did all this. Grigson rides the coat tails of Andrew Luck. Get a clue.
  7. It had names yes. But we also used guys a lot like Bullitt, Fletcher, Klecko, the horrible RBs like Mungro or Ricky Williams. Some of the old small LBs. But they made it work. We had names on offense. Then Mathis, Freeney, Sanders.
  8. It's not hard to pick Andrew Luck & win 6 times in the AFC south. Sorry but be realistic.
  9. I brought this up w/ friends the other day about Grigson: If you are a new leader, part of your job is to analyze what went wrong before, what didnt work. So what were those things in the Polian era: Couldnt run the ball, couldn't play top end defense, no backup QB, bad OL ,the surrounding talent outside the QB was subpar because of cap issues. I'm pretty sure all Grigson has done is turnover the roster & give us the exact same problems 4 years later.
  10. The thing is though a receiving TE would probably be a better fit. Greg Olson's pass catching would help more than Allen's blocking w/ the group of WR we have. I just wish Fleener could catch or develop. Looks clear to me he's maxed out his ability.
  11. He's got a balanced game, but I'd let someone else pay him. He's not a TE that puts any type of fear in a defense. He just does everything well when he's healthy.
  12. It's not that Pagano is a bad coach its just you only get so many chances to coach a team w/ an all pro QB if you aren't winning rings. Pagano has done pretty well honestly especially since Bruce left. But no rings=no job in the NFL when you coach great QB led teams.
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