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  1. Did JT struggle a bit? Sure. He's a rookie after all no matter how good the kid is, and he is good without question. Now how much game prep/planning do you think Buffalo did to stop him? I think they may have said, "stop that kid and make the Indy's air game win the day". Just my 2cents right or wrong
  2. Not sure I get your question... But Their starter was out with injury. Rivers wasn't. I don't follow the Saints enough to know if they were using two healthy starters like Rivers and JB were used.
  3. LOL - thanks! Been lurking since 2011. Not sure why it says I'm new?
  4. I like Rivers and would not be upset if he came back as the starter next year, but I would not expect to end up deeper in the playoffs. I would also be for him coming back for a year as the #2... But doubt it would happen. Jacoby is a great guy, but I wish him well. Matt Stafford is an interesting option. Call me weird, but I'd look at Fitzpatrick (is Fitz available?) as a backup if Eason isn't ready. Fitz seems to do good things wherever he goes lately. Lastly - someone on here during the season said something that I think makes sense. Excuse my horrible paraphrasing... If you need two quarterbacks during the game, you don't have one. We do need an upgrade.
  5. Go Colts! Might be preseason, but it's so nice to have a game to watch.
  6. Last penalty of the game ... Cherilus.
  7. Man...I hope Reggie goes to play with Peyton and lights it up for one last year. While I realize it is a business decision, I am disappointed in the front office for not bringing Reggie back (assuming he wanted to).
  8. I realize Inever post here, so y'all have no clue that I am a smart a.. Let's sign Mike Hart. Could 't hurt right? ;) Anyhow, i'd be afraid to pay some star RB and get him hurt behind this line right now. I would like to see a better RB if the O-line ever comes together. I sure to miss seeing Edge.
  9. 2 Things - This assumes Dan Orlovsky gets the nod to start at some point AND the Colts never pull out a win this year. I'm NOT saying either would happen, but wow would this suck for Dan: Found this Indystar article about the current debacle and there was a bit about the year the Lions went 0-16 Dan was the starting quarterback for seven of those games. If I were Dan, I would just walk away. No way would I want to be known as one of the starting quarterbacks for the ONLY two 0-16 teams! Link
  10. I've got Romo at QB. Should I start Dez Bryant vs the Rams DEF, or Jordy Nelson (GB) vs the Vikings DEF?
  11. This second half is so demoralizing after watching the first half.
  12. I liked Gonzo a lot and really wanted him to be a factor this year. That being said - I think we could REALLY use the roster spot right now unless Gonzo can block or play on the defense. (Yea - Right.) At least Blair White is actual WR Depth and part of the return game.
  13. I am all for Painter being behind center the rest of the season win or lose. He looks so much more comfortable out there and I could just see the lights coming on at the Tampa Bay game. BUT I am not for Painter being the next guy hauled off in a cart because we could only field a patchwork four man front on the line consisting of our three running backs and our fullback. Not that I want Collins head taken off....but I'd rather protect Painter from getting killed. I am very much looking for a miracle from the Colt's in this week's game. I'm just not confident we will be able to field enough healthy bodies to get the job done.
  14. If anyone can post a clip of "Big Ben" looking over his shoulder and then getting slammed by our secondary (Can't quite remember who got to him) - That would make a great laugh for a Friday Morning! To the topic at hand, I agree with most of the others here. We're "on our way" if we can keep up what happened last Sunday. I want to see it consistently.
  15. Wow - That was fast. I'm also wondering who's no longer with the team. The roster on Colts.com doesn't look to have been updated yet.
  16. I'm not sure why not Garrard exactly, but I would really like to know from a few folks who know WAY more than me on here if or O-line would work with a scrambling QB like Garrard. I know he's not as accurate as we'd like, but he is more mobile than anyone we have right now.
  17. This is from NFL.com - I personally remember his name and that's about it. Brodie Croyle http://www.nfl.com/p...2495823/profile
  18. Actually - Our Stud Punter is our last remaining backup QB on the roster at the moment so far as the depth chart. It would be sweet to see Addai throw another TD though wouldn't it?
  19. Didn't see this posted yet. If it has been feel free to remove Mods. Things are getting even more interesting at the QB position. Dan Orlovsky and Brodie Croyle have been brought in for tryouts. http://www.indystar....ews|text|Sports
  20. Funny thing - I'm pretty Sure Hunter the Punter Smith was also our 3rd string QB for a long time. Seems to be a theme for our punters.
  21. I'd say with Peyton we'd have had much better odds to compete well and likely squeak out a win thanks to the Colt's MVP. The O-Line would still have struggled. The D-Line may have played better due to being pumped up from better offensive plays. I do not think either line would have done so much better in the end though. Even Peyton would have had some trouble today I fear. I also think special teams still gives up 7. But as others have implied, we don't have a magical crystal ball that looks into the alternate universe where Peyton is still healthy. We'll never know.
  22. I'm neither agree or disagree with keeping Hughes - but who has produced more for the team: Brown or Hughes? I don't like Brown (and WOULD like to see him gone), but he's earned his spot more so than Hughes in my opinion. I can see how folks would think Hughes spot should go to someone more productive. I think most people knew Tony Ugoh wasn't going to cut it in the first year. Waiting until the third year didn't help that situation at all. Just sayin' - Sometimes waiting and waiting for potential to blossom is like beating your head against a wall.
  23. 1) Reggie & Dallas did look good, Garcon was his normal self. 2) It was nice to see Collie out there. Almost had that TD...Almost! 3) Carter looked fast! 4) I liked what I saw out of Angerer, Bracker and Conner in the 2nd half. 5) I guess Castonzo did well. i don't recall any bad things happening on his side of the line. (Sacks, etc.) 6) Thank you Jeff Saturday for that fumble recovery! The guys (both sides of the ball) got their butts handed to them in the 1st half. I was proud of them in the 2nd. There was enough good in the 2nd half to give hope. The defense has a lot of work to do though. I really did expect better from the D.
  24. Might as well see what he's got at this point. Protect Collins from further injury...what a mess that first half was. Hope they step it up and show some pride.
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