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  1. Did JT struggle a bit? Sure. He's a rookie after all no matter how good the kid is, and he is good without question. Now how much game prep/planning do you think Buffalo did to stop him? I think they may have said, "stop that kid and make the Indy's air game win the day". Just my 2cents right or wrong
  2. Not sure I get your question... But Their starter was out with injury. Rivers wasn't. I don't follow the Saints enough to know if they were using two healthy starters like Rivers and JB were used.
  3. LOL - thanks! Been lurking since 2011. Not sure why it says I'm new?
  4. I like Rivers and would not be upset if he came back as the starter next year, but I would not expect to end up deeper in the playoffs. I would also be for him coming back for a year as the #2... But doubt it would happen. Jacoby is a great guy, but I wish him well. Matt Stafford is an interesting option. Call me weird, but I'd look at Fitzpatrick (is Fitz available?) as a backup if Eason isn't ready. Fitz seems to do good things wherever he goes lately. Lastly - someone on here during the season said something that I think makes sense. Excuse my horrible
  5. Go Colts! Might be preseason, but it's so nice to have a game to watch.
  6. Last penalty of the game ... Cherilus.
  7. Man...I hope Reggie goes to play with Peyton and lights it up for one last year. While I realize it is a business decision, I am disappointed in the front office for not bringing Reggie back (assuming he wanted to).
  8. I realize Inever post here, so y'all have no clue that I am a smart a.. Let's sign Mike Hart. Could 't hurt right? ;) Anyhow, i'd be afraid to pay some star RB and get him hurt behind this line right now. I would like to see a better RB if the O-line ever comes together. I sure to miss seeing Edge.
  9. 2 Things - This assumes Dan Orlovsky gets the nod to start at some point AND the Colts never pull out a win this year. I'm NOT saying either would happen, but wow would this suck for Dan: Found this Indystar article about the current debacle and there was a bit about the year the Lions went 0-16 Dan was the starting quarterback for seven of those games. If I were Dan, I would just walk away. No way would I want to be known as one of the starting quarterbacks for the ONLY two 0-16 teams! Link
  10. I've got Romo at QB. Should I start Dez Bryant vs the Rams DEF, or Jordy Nelson (GB) vs the Vikings DEF?
  11. This second half is so demoralizing after watching the first half.
  12. I liked Gonzo a lot and really wanted him to be a factor this year. That being said - I think we could REALLY use the roster spot right now unless Gonzo can block or play on the defense. (Yea - Right.) At least Blair White is actual WR Depth and part of the return game.
  13. I am all for Painter being behind center the rest of the season win or lose. He looks so much more comfortable out there and I could just see the lights coming on at the Tampa Bay game. BUT I am not for Painter being the next guy hauled off in a cart because we could only field a patchwork four man front on the line consisting of our three running backs and our fullback. Not that I want Collins head taken off....but I'd rather protect Painter from getting killed. I am very much looking for a miracle from the Colt's in this week's game. I'm just not confident we will be able to field enoug
  14. If anyone can post a clip of "Big Ben" looking over his shoulder and then getting slammed by our secondary (Can't quite remember who got to him) - That would make a great laugh for a Friday Morning! To the topic at hand, I agree with most of the others here. We're "on our way" if we can keep up what happened last Sunday. I want to see it consistently.
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