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  1. I’m just going to base my prediction off of the fact that after every loss this season, the Colts followed with at least 2 wins. We lost to Pitt, so we are due for another win after beating Jacksonville. 26-24 Colts. I’m thinking back to that Sunday Night Football game last year against the Chiefs as our model for winning. Time of possession, strong run game, timely passes, continuous pressure on Allen, and get at least one turnover. Easier said than done, but we have the personnel to do it.
  2. If the Bills were to rest their starters, it comes with the risk that if they lose and somehow Pittsburgh still wins, then Pitt would get the 2 seed and the Bills would likely play the Ravens in the 3-6 matchup. That would be a double whammy for the Bills. But who knows...
  3. Sunday approaches The horseshoe makes its return Time to bring the pain
  4. Colts at Bears Vikings at Colts Jaguars at Colts Packers at Colts Colts at Jets Browns at Colts Colts at Titans Dolphins at Colts Colts at Jaguars Colts at Patriots Bills at Colts Colts at Lions Titans at Colts Colts at Texans Colts at Chiefs Texans at Colts I'm going with 8-8 on the season.
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