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    Family, Colts, Braves, Celtics, fishing...just generally trying to do good things to make the world a slightly better place for my being in it.

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About Me

Father of 7 - 6 boys and a girl. Two of my sons are in Army...very proud of all my kids. Married to a great wife. Software developer, still working...worked on many of the major league scoreboards. Have written over 50 newspaper articles for Spokesman Review in Spokane. 

Air Force vet...my dad and uncles fought in WWII....proud of my family's military service.

Born in Toledo, OH...have lived in Spokane, WA over 40 years and love it here.

ColtsAC...I started that handle when the Colts were ridiculed for being bad but I believed in them....it means Colts Aren't Crappy.

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