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  1. thinking about buying a TV today...

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    2. stat2883


      hahah....its all good....entertaining to say the least :)

    3. Nadine


      I just bought a TV and here is what I learned. New tvs are optimized for HD. If you don't subscribe to HD be sure to see what it looks like without it. Also, new tvs have terrible sound.........some of them.....really just terrible. Their excuse is that the TVs are so small there is no room for speakers. However, my laptop has better speakers than most tvs. The truth is......sound is a la cart now. You have to buy a sound bar. So listen to what you are considering

    4. stat2883


      groovy, thanks Nadine. I shopped around a little bit today, but yeah I was planning on external sound anyway and I do have HD...pretty much have to with TVs these days like you said. :)

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