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  1. GIVE BRADSHAW ANOTHER INCENTIVE LACED DEAL!!!!! Dude was our best runner before he got hurt. he was ready to play in December he said. A whole offseason to get healthy and heal his ankle more. where were he goes, that time is getting a good player.
  2. Off season was terrible. (GOOD) Bradshaw provided when he played. he looked like his old beast self. (GOOD) Cherlius was a good pickup even though i dont agree paying him top 3 RT money. I would have rather have got volmer (GOOD) IMO. Thomas was a great value pickup. I think he comes back and is a solid guard. (PUSH) Toler showed flashes of being a soild CB but with injuries and being overpaid alot im leaning towards bad signing. (BAD) Walden never really ever showed up. He missed many tackles and looked lost. not to mention paying him 4mil. I would pay more than 1.5mil for him. (BAD) DHB was
  3. Surprising to see Zimmerman, Smith (LOU), Gaston, Webster, Bolser not invited. Most surprising is Webster for the fact he won B10 Punter of year award AND was Ray Guy finalist. Dude has a leg. He was highest amount avg punt distance. keep in mind he had to punt alot bc purdue had no offense.
  4. I likw Mack alot...but NOT for the money he is gonna get (like byrd, love him but too expensive). I like smith or de la puente. either would be a win in my book.
  5. no way robinson gets out of the 1st...let alone end of 2nd
  6. no need for WR in 2nd with our young guns stepping it up past few weeks....i say interior line or CB.
  7. not a bad thing...with emergance of rodgers, whalen and brazil and wayne and allen coming back i dont think we spend our2nd on a WR...im thinking OG or CB
  8. Seahawks fan think they are the best thing since sliced bread. They have only been relevant for what...3-4 years? Its pretty embarressing to be the lone playoff team to be SUB .500 (7-9)...they are good but next year or two alot of there good young guys are gonna get paid...they cant keep all of them. 49er fans are the same way thinking Kaepernick is the best QB in the league...the dude is a joke. they should be kicking themselves in the butt for not keeping smith.....SMITH>>>>Kaepernick all day. As much as I dont like saints (mostly bc they ran up the scored 64-3? few years a
  9. finally living up to his 1st round tag....solid play week in week out. Hes one of the hardest workers according to players and I see it this season.
  10. He is just as bad if not worse that Skip Bayless...everytrhing that comes out of both of there mouths is complete and utter nonsense.
  11. i would say 95% success..the last 5% would be superbowl win...I think just getting that first win for alot of our young guys will help us this postseason and many to come. its huge. If any of the young guys had pregame jitters i think they whont be there for DEN//NE game. Thank god we got some top notch leaders on this team.
  12. I believe we could beat either but neither will be a cake walk. I would take Pats bc they are not deep in there receiving core...though their RB scare me a bit. They do have the like the #15 pass def but i think thats a bit over rated. ive seen a few games where they get teared up. not to mention if luck can beat Brady AND manning to make the superbowl.....holy!!!
  13. He does own the record...think hes at 43 or 44...the past record was 39 if im not mistaken....think he broke it at or around the denver game
  14. Robert Mathis.....the grandmaster of the sack-strip I knew a sack was gonna come just didnt know when....i saw him getting closer each play and finally like he always does....the patented SACK-STRIP!!!!!!
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