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  1. Doubt it. He will learn from B-Butz first
  2. What does this mean from TJ Green. Move to CB?
  3. I simply see added depth, and competition. No one one Is pushing any one depth charts. Ballard said he wants competition at at these positions so let's wait for camps to see who's what, not previous seasons & fantasy football. Most of these guys have never had as playtime as they'll get here granted they eartn it
  4. I agree. Unless you feels he's the second coming of Peterson or Elliot, you take defensive player. It's time we build the D and like CB we need to come out of the draft with at least 3-4 starters
  5. Good to know I'm crazy. Heard the same thing about taking a center in round one last year
  6. Maybe I'm crazy but I'd take this kid with our first pick. His versatility can't be ignored. He can cover sideline to sideline, and rush the passer. He definitely improved his stock at the senior bowl. What are you guys thoughts on him?
  7. Good stuff. Now let's get this defense in shape. Go Colts!!!
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