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  1. 39 minutes ago, Stephen said:

    I mean they should have come out firing down the field to Hilton and campbell. The way campbell was used was a joke.

    Campbell hasn’t had time to be in the offense and learn it due to all the time he missed.  The coaches said his role would be limited because of it.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, FanFromtheWasteland said:

    Nothing has changed in the 35 years the colts have been here.


    We didn't lose that game because Peyton threw 6 ints.


    We didn't lose that game because vanderjagt shanked that field goal


    We didn't lose that game because vinni missed a PAT and 2 FG


    Nothing but excuse after excuse after excuse


    I really don't give a crap about a  participation trophy attitude

    There is a big difference in saying Adam isn’t the only reason the Colts lost and making up excuses for Adam.  Adam’s performance wasn’t acceptable today.  Still there are a lot of other areas that contributed to the loss too that need to be addressed.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Detectacon said:

    I wouldn’t expect him to say anything else.  With that said, they are going to watch tape and you better believe while they will admit Adam has to be better they are also going to say Autry and Houston can’t commit those penalties, the defense must tackle better, the defense has to get off the field on third down, Ebron has to make that catch.  Any of those things change the Colts win, even with the Adam misses.  Thats not excusing Adam it’s just saying it wasn’t just on one guy.  Still most players that have a day like Adam did are going to take the blame and not say hey the others screwed up too.

  4. 13 minutes ago, krunk said:

    Tennessee is going to send a lot of Blitz activity at Jacoby.  That's what they did the last 2 times they faced him and it worked very well.  This is a different squad we have, but they will still test him.  With the tools we have now he should be able to burn them when they come with that.

    I am sure they will but as you pointed out this isn’t the same team namely up front.  Jacoby also isn’t the same QB.  Also if Mack can run it like he did today teams are going to have much bigger problem playing the Colts than Jacoby.

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  5. 1 minute ago, Superman said:


    I'm sure they have both eyes wide open when it comes to AV. He's gonna fall off one day, and no one will be surprised when it happens. I wouldn't be surprised if they try out a couple kickers this week. 

    I am sure they do.  I trust the Colts here.  No reason not too.

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  6. 33 minutes ago, Believe blue1306 said:

    But it wasn't just one EP. He left 7 points off the board. That's huge. But don't want to blame him completely. Autrys flag on their FG turned into 7. JH being offsides on third down sack turned into points. And ebron should have caught the TD pass. But... It's still 7 points. 

    Thats fair.  I think it’s perfectly fair to point out Adam had a terrible game and it’s worth keeping an eye on him.  I just draw that line at saying he alone cost the Colts the game or he needs to be cut right this second.  That’s too far in my opinion.

  7. 20 minutes ago, Sumo63 said:

    Vinny cost the colts the game, pure and simple and I'm sure he'd be the first to admit it.  But the truth is it's one game, and the first game to boot.  The team was good enough to overcome all of it's mistakes, not just vinny's, and force overtime.  I think there are alot of positives to be had, let's not overreact.  Anything that becomes a chronic deficit to the team will be dealt with.  The people running this organization have proven that a measured approach will win the day.   McDaniels jilts them, they get reich.  Luck retires, jacoby did pretty well today, if vinny cant produce anymore they'll address it.  I guarantee a plan is already in the works that will pay adam the requisite respect and move on if need be.  Lets have some faith, they're not panicking and neither should we.  Would have been nice to steal one today but most of us had the chargers as an L anyway.  Next Sunday is almost here, on to Tenn.

    You could easily say that about Autry’s flag that turned a field goal into a touchdown, the bad tackling, the inability to get off the field on third down, especially third and long, or Ebron not making a clean catch on a perfect throw.  One guy alone didn’t cost this team the game just like if they had won it Mack alone wouldn’t have won it.

  8. Adam has a history if starting slow but with his struggles at the end of last year I think it’s worth watching to see if Father Time has caught up to him.  Still this isn’t some rookie kicker who did this, you give a guy like Adam a few more chances to right the ship.  He’s done it in the past hopefully he does it again.  


    The loss isn’t completely on his shoulders, this was not the Colts defense we were expecting to see, but without question he deserves blame tonight.  I think we all agree there.


    I just think it would be a giant overreaction to run him out of town right this second, maybe I’ll be proven wrong but I hope I am not.

  9. 5 hours ago, Derakynn said:

    People speculating that Luck leaving broke his spirit and now he wants out. I really can’t see that being the case. His entire life has been the Colts, and he’s been raising his daughters in the same fashion, no doubt to take over ownership one day. I can’t imagine he would change course like that.

    If cutting Peyton didn’t then Luck retiring won’t.  

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  10. 9 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    Boo birds happen everywhere. And the circumstances, and especially the timing of it all were pretty unique. Things would have been much worse in several cities.. Folks need to move on.

    Agreed.  The media has.  Based on how sports fans react to things they don’t like I think it’s a reasonable assumption to make that other fanbases would have booed in this situation too.  However, it’s over.  I think most people outside of Indianapolis have moved on from this and we should too.  We can’t change what happened.  

  11. 16 hours ago, aaron11 said:


    you always put yourself and the media on a pedestal and constantly  take shots at this fan base.  the media is terrible, doing their job does not make it right.  im taking it out on you, because well you are you.  


    you keep saying its fine because its their job and thats a load of crap.  the media was doing their job when Diana died too.  Shefter is the one that leaked this to everyone and that screwed over Luck, the team and the fans.  of course  you blame our fans as always 

    Shefter said he reached out the Colts and has said if they had asked him to delay it until after the game he would have but they never responded.


    With that said, he is paid to break news when he gets it.  ESPN pays him because he has a reputation of getting these stories first and they want to be first.  If he didn’t go with this someone else would have and Shefter would have had to explain to his bosses why he sat on the biggest story of his career and I don’t think they would have been very happy about it.  Its completely unrealistic to expect him to put the Colts, Luck, or Colts fans concerns above his employers.  So no it’s not crap to say he was doing his job.  


    He also didn’t leak this, he reported it.  There is a difference.  Again, he’s not paid to look out for the Colts, Luck, or Colts fans best interests and expecting him too is completely unrealistic.  


    You don’t have to like it but faulting him for doing his job because it wasn’t what people wanted to hear comes across as scapegoating to me.  



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  12. 1 minute ago, krunk said:

    We should be okay with JB as long as we keep a balanced football team that is able to run, pass and play good defense.  I think the season will be worth watching.

    Yes Brissett is a good enough QB to win games.  However, unlike Peyton or Luck he isn’t good enough to make up for other short comings.  I don’t think Brissett is a franchise QB but I do think he’s a starter in this league and the Colts could be a lot worse off than with him at QB.


    This extension is good for both sides.  It gives Jacoby more money and a two year window to prove himself.  It means if he plays well the Colts don’t have to worry about losing him at the end of the year but doesn’t commit to him long term so if he isn’t what Ballard and Reich think he is they can move on to someone else in the near future.

  13. Good solid backup.  He gives them some insurance going forward regardless what Jacoby does. If Jacoby doesn’t perform well he be a bridge to a new QB as well.  


    Another reason I like this move is that he’s coming from New England like Jacoby did.  Hopefully Jacoby can use that to help get him up to speed by being able to help translate the differences in the offenses like saying okay what X was in New England is Y here.

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  14. 5 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:

    Then you cut another player then

       You can only dress 46 or 47 on game day 

    Right.  I could see them going either way with Walker on the PS to be honest.  I know they like him but do they really need four QBs between the active roster and the PS especially when you know Walker isn’t being developed for the future?

  15. 2 hours ago, Lucky Colts Fan said:


    I don't.


    I've met retired people more immature and glued to their smartphones than teenagers and humble teenagers with a better work ethic than most middle-aged people.  Just look at this forum.  There are admittedly older members who act more childish and entitled than the supposed "spoiled" millennial members. 


    If you think there aren't the same types of people across all generations and demographics, you're wrong.  :dunno:

    That’s why stereotypes are dangerous they don’t apply to everyone.

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