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  1. Yeah unless Smith is clearly worse in a major way I’d start Smith just because he’s a rookie and those reps will pay off down the road. I’d say Smith and Webb are probably the best options at right tackle right now.
  2. Castonzo if healthy. If not most likely Webb.
  3. I have zero issue with Smith starting there. Sometimes teams have to cut a guy due to depth but even if the Colts snagged a guy that way I doubt it would be a significant upgrade over what they currently have. starting Smith or Webb is probably the best plan.
  4. It’s about the best they can do at this point unless Ballard can pull off an 11th hour trade like he did for Brissett last year.
  5. Smith has been fine for a rookie. Bond has been a decent backup I think. They clearly have a hole at right tackle but considering even where they were a year ago it has been an improvement. Still if Good is seriously hurt you could they don’t have a right tackle.
  6. I am guessing the Colts will hunting the waiver wire for tackles and guards come cut time.
  7. He looked good. The Colts might have a nice young player there.
  8. I think his biggest value to the Colts is being their backup QB. I mean unless you like having guys the level of Scott Tolizen being the Colts backup.
  9. Teams have been known to keep things vanelia on offense in the pre-season for years. Why do you think the Colts hardly won a game in the pre-season under Peyton and didn’t score much and then would start the year winning 7 or 8 games behind the offense? Also I don’t care about how long you’ve been here. That has nothing to do with the point just like how long I’ve been here has nothing to do with the point. Also new coaches not tipping their hand in the pre-season? Again not new. Just about all new coaches play it that way in the pre-season because one there is nothing to gain by not doing it and two the pre-season is about evaluation. Teams play their base offense and defense for the most part to see what guys can do in it. I figured the article had something to do with the Colts not giving away secrets in the pre-season. I’ve assumed they have been doing that even without the article so sorry the article is not news to me like it is to you apparently. There is nothing wrong with that different people find different things news worthy.
  10. Irsay says a lot of things and it was reported Monday the second round pick offer was false.
  11. I take the opinion of if the team says he can play, especially in the pre-season, a guy can play without being at any greater risk to reinjruy.
  12. Actually yes it is most team keep it vanilla so they can see what guys, espically the new and young guys, can do in the base offense and defense. Reich keeping it vanilla is nothing new for teams in the NFL.
  13. Andrew is too smart to fall for trash talk like that. Good way to handle it.
  14. I assume Castonzo is still out. Glad to see it looks like Good and Hooker will be back. Maybe Good can sure up the right tackle spot.
  15. In other news water is wet. This is what teams do in the pre-season.
  16. I agree. It’s not just what you do in the pre-season it’s who you do it against too.
  17. Right now all solutions with Andrew Luck start with patience as he’s still getting back into the grove of playing football. Beyond that better talent around him wouldn’t hurt. Besides TY no WR on this team has shown the ability to get open on a regular basis against other starting defenses. Luck can only do so much if no one is open.
  18. Jack Trudeau got them to the playoffs in 87 but I don’t think anyone would say he had a great season. They got there on their running game and defense. I know it’s been said but Harbaugh was the runner up for MVP in 1995 when they got to the AFCCG. He got them back to the playoffs the following year, although Harbaugh was not as good as in 1995, and those were all three of the playoff seasons pre-Manning. If you want to go back to Baltimore Johnny U, Morrall, and Jones had some good seasons to get them to the playoffs.
  19. It ended up being a moot point as he was gone before the Colts could have taken him. I have no problem having a top back but they don’t do much good if you dont have a line to open holes for them.
  20. Proves Ohio State cares more about winning football games than anything else IMO. Not surprising to see them put football first.
  21. Remember when they added Peyton they went 3-13 the following year followed up by going 13-3 when they added Edge and he won the rushing title his first two years in the league. No they didn’t win the Super Bowl when he was here and yes his lack of performance in the playoffs was part of why but let’s not pretend like Edge wasn’t a good player who made a major positive impact on this team and helped them win a lot of games. As for Addai 19 carries for 77 yards plus a Super Bowl record for running backs 10 receptions for 66 yards for a total of 143 yards from scrimedge isn’t a bad day. Let’s also not forget he scored the touchdown that got the Colts to the Super Bowl not Rhodes. In fact it was Rhodes fumble in that game that nearly cost them. The Colts could do far worse than following what Polian did. All it did was lead to the winningest decade in NFL history even if it didn’t end with as many Super Bowls as people would have liked. If the past three years have proven anything having a franchise QB alone doesn’t guarantee you wins like so many here thought having Peyton did. You have to have the team around them and that’s what Polian was a master at building.
  22. I think Reich is tying things out/adjusting to injuries/people are realizing fixing the Colts is going to take more than just getting Andrew Luck back.
  23. I don’t think anyone has said he’s the leader of the KKK you are going over board with you hyperbole. Even if others are doing it too two wrongs don’t make a right.
  24. Enh I don’t kbow. Saying that word has pretty much been a guaranteed way to lose your job no matter who you are. I think the Papa Johns thing and this just happen to be recent examples.
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