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  1. OMGOSH!! I thought the Bronco win felt great... I cant sleep tonight! I almost died watching that game today!

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    2. southwest1


      It did kind of feel like a near death experience & resurrection all in a 3 hour window didn't it CCCF? :)

    3. Nadine


      I stayed up after the saints game and sat through post game interviews thinking that after that......they might show hilights of the colts win. They didn't and now I'm tired

    4. MAC


      Didn't they at half-time? NFL network was probably covering it endlessly.

  2. Kickers should have been bringing it this year!

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    2. chad72


      Love 'em kickers, especially in fantasy football. They won 2 playoff games for me, Dan Bailey with 24 and Justin Tucker with 23 points :). Perfect timing.

    3. CrazyCaliColtFan


      Dang I didn't notice the dang typo! Should read " Sure have been "

    4. southwest1


      Don't sweat it CCCF. As long as I can figure out what you meant, it's all good :D

  3. Sad football season is coming closer to the end gah!

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    2. T Y Goodbye

      T Y Goodbye

      At least we get one or more Colts games, since they made the playoffs. Lets hope for a long playoff run!

    3. IndyScribe


      Thankfully I can watch the Pacers play! :)

    4. CrazyCaliColtFan


      HAHAH yall are funny.. but it is like a drug!!!

  4. Who lives in or near Indy and has never been to a game?

    1. southwest1


      What qualifies as near? Within Indiana or just outside the state? I live near Madison, WI & I have never set foot inside LOS. Someday, SW1 will made the sacred pilgrimage to Blue Horse shoe football mecca though. I promise you. :)

  5. TO get play off tickets or not? I cant go and not sure they would sell.. hmm,mmm

    1. SilentHill


      are you talking about just buying for re-sale?

    2. CrazyCaliColtFan


      Yeah cause I can't get to the game... but I am a ticket holder so that is a lot of money to put out hoping someone wants them ya know.. I have not tried to make a profit on any of my tickets this year. Just recoup the cost..

  6. Glad the Colts made the Play Off's... hoping they can breathe new life into them now!

    1. Nadine
    2. southwest1


      Welcome back David Lee Roth! I mean CCCF :D That jumping avatar always reminds me of Van Halen's Diamond Dave...

    3. CrazyCaliColtFan


      HAHAHA !! Hey I was super excited and I do that when the Colts get a big win ;)

  7. I agree with those who are saying he is predictable. VERY VERY .. I know a lot about football but weak in the play calling area and what some routes are even named and I KNOW what he is going to do a lot of the time
  8. Showing my " Blue Friday" spirit though I am miles away... how bout you?
  9. Blue Friday woot woot

  10. FOUND it finally! LOL http://gear-hub.com/products/colts-wristbands-1 Its also listed on his facebook fan page ( Andrew Luck)
  11. Sorry I just saw this... I got them online I am going to see if I can find a link....
  12. I so want to do this in our garage! I have a friend who is an awesome painter... He did a friend of ours garage half Steelers half Vikings.. came out really sharp!
  13. I love the flat walls y'all get out your way. Here in Hellifornia everything is spackled and just doesn't look as clean. My COLTS Cave isn't blue like this mainly for that reason... looks nice ;)
  14. I just can't get enough of this! I was laughing my butt off when it happened and still smiling today over it! SO Awesome!
  15. I agree .. Luck fell like a soccer player but if he hadn't they may have missed that call and hey they needed it !
  16. From the album: Da Colts

    One day this will make me smile, tonight it was hard to see!
  17. I agree! He wanted that to be a "non flag" sooooo bad you could hear it! The dude pulled a typical Bronco move. They play really dirty and they got caught several times tonight.... OH like rolling on our Center and stepping on his calf putting him out of the game? Had they played clean they may have had a better chance... but they got what they deserved....
  18. What an amazing win! WTG Colts love you guys!!

    1. southwest1


      It was a nice win CCCF. It depends what your definition of amazing is I guess. A 6 point difference is a W, but not indicative of a blowout or anything like that. JMO. The momentum swings did make the game compelling though.

    2. CrazyCaliColtFan


      OH I agree.. I think it was amazing how they played hard , real ball in a setting that was so filled with drama... They came together, dug hard and pulled out a win against an amazing QB who has a pretty good line atm. Also taking away their no loss status. That adding NO one had us winning of course ( who made money in Vegas people I know someone did!)... that is why it was amazing ;) Specially after how we played on Monday! :P

  19. Here we go COOOOOLTS Here we go!!!!!!

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