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  1. does anyone know where u can watch the draft on nfl.com on nfl network

    1. tvturner


      Should be on ESPN

    2. crazycolt1


      I think both ESPN and the NFL network broadcast it. From what I can remember they did last year.

  2. if gurley there at 29 take him bpa guys going to be 1500 yards for at least half dozen years
  3. Irsay to andre,frank,grigson and Pagano- Gentlemen, i am your father AJ,FG,RG,CP- lay off the weed Gramps
  4. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke

    1. SolomonThomasFanAccount


      i go for neither , stanford boy here , i just like saying duke haha

    2. southwest1


      It's cool Andretoindy. I'm getting better at coping with the Badgers Championship loss now. Yeah, I could see where saying Duke over & over again stretching the word out for effect. :)

    3. SolomonThomasFanAccount


      still getting over the semi final loss against australia my adopted country vs india my home country 13 vs 11

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  5. yeah nah colts vs chiefs , 2006 afc championship games were better
  6. shula a top 5 of all time for i believe a second round pick
  7. Round 1 - #29 A- Kendricks,B goldman C Gurley Round 2 - #61 A,Carl Davis B Rollins Round 3 - #93 A Henry Anderson, B Rob Havestein Round 4 - #128 A,David Cobb,B Senquez gholson cb/safety ole miss Round 5 A- derrick lott dl B-Jake Ryan ilb Michigan Round 6a - #204 A ismaeil Campbell, northwestern B Alani fua olb byu Round 6b - #206 A, B Chris hackett FS TCu B Kyle Emanuel olb north dakota state Round 7a - #244 A Ladarius gunter cb miami, B LAURENCE GIBSON, OT VT Round 7b - #255 A jordan richards safety stanford, B brock hekking olb nevada
  8. Holmes he was was a stud in college , played pretty decent in the pros . A future ol if scheriff falls of castonzo,mewhort ,holmes , scheriff ,havenstein would be one potential potent oline
  9. it was pretty obvious ne tampered with revis after he got released from tampa and signed five hours later
  10. thanks for the input NCF from what i seen he draft range is 3rd to 5th round on most sites. Dustin i would put Anderson in the second but most mocks i seen have davis in second and anderson in third round . on havestein Some teams overestimate prodays and combine hopefully enough team do to make slide to the fifth. where do u guys see playing in nfl tackle or guard
  11. is Google working for anyone in chrome

    1. Nadine


      what do you mean? I use chrome and I use google search, both are working now although now they want you to enter the search terms when the url goes

  12. 250 rushes 1267 yards 10 tds with 20 recs and 350 yards
  13. 1. Erick kendricks ilb ucla 2. Carl davis DT/NT mizzou 3. Henry Anderson DE Stanford 4 David cobb rb Minnesota 5. Rob haavestein ol Wisconsin 6 ismaeil campbell safety northwestern 7 Ladarius gunther cb miami 7 jorddan richards ss stanford
  14. from my sources that include josh norris teams seem high on Anderson he has him as 11th overall prospect , a bit high . he better than ben gardner and josh mauro who i liked a lost last year could see play the redding with langford/chapman at and jones and anderson as two de . i see as early mid round prospect should be taken in top 120 picks though
  15. i think Anderson would be there in the fourth i think he gone by the second to third round i don,t see kendricks fall that far either
  16. pats writers reaction to 2006 is priceless
  17. Vaccarro was one the best safeties in his rookie year . i believe he had shoulder surgery in offseason last season.
  18. 1. Eddie Goldman pair him with fairley or langford and suddenly or rush defense improves signifcantly 2. Denzel peryman- Jackson gets cut with freeman and perryman the starting linebackers. perryman can tackle , cover ,great in run sport and is enforcer at ilb 3. Cody prewitt - i have colts sign gipson from browns , colts resigns adams as prewitt redshirts for a year or two 4. David Cobb - 5.Henry Anderson 6 rob havestein 6 jake ryan 7james castlemen
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