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  1. Chance warmack if not barret jones or jake matthews if not elam or vacarro
  2. Kenny Phillips Louis Vasquez Anthony Spencer Randy Starks Sam shields tracy porter ladarius webb (pagano connection ) draft 1st Chance Warmack 3rd sean porter 4th Travis Fredrick ok imagine our line AC,Travis Fredrick(LINK and reitz as backups), AQ Shipley,Chance Warmack, Louis Vasquez, a defense that has Davis, Freeney, Mathis ,Spencer,Starks,porters,shields ,webb and two ball hawking safties in Phillps and Bethea.
  3. QB- Tom Brady,Ben roestburger RB- law firm,vick ballard WR- Garcon,wallace, Ty hilton, jordy nelson james jones TE- tony gonalez, rob gronkowski K- Adam Vinateri def- houston def current 4th had a vew bad week in a row was second three weeks ago my record been d-L-L
  4. does any one know how many game we have to win to seal the wildcard at least.
  5. just a heads up my record 96-52 it had 88-45 on the standings
  6. Bills Falcons Cincy Cleveland Colts Jets Bears Steelers Bucs Baltimore 49ers Giants Seahawks Packers New England
  7. 8-7 record this week , last week overall 88-45, this week 96 -52
  8. it been a pretty great class for qb up there with the elway, marino and kelly draft class , tannehill is exceeding expecttation by a long shot plays well against elite defenses, luck clutchness is manningesque, rg3 is every redskins fan wanted great young exhilrating talent, wilson is proving the doubters wrong about his play related with his height leads rookies in tds passes. matt kahlil is a top 10 lt in first year , probowl form. trent richardson is imo be great , and the mucle hamster is the next ray rice who make the hall as well.
  10. busts Aj jenkins Dontari Poe Gilmore from the bills Devon still coples mercilius hall of famers Luck RG3 Tannehill Russell wilson Trent Richardson Matt Kalil Doug Martin Morris clairborne
  11. i start justin blackmon and pierre garcon for mike wallace and james jones
  12. Keep an eye out of building the monster forum series coming soon in a #ChuckStrong forum near you

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      Hey, at least I didn't pull the Christmas tree down this year, drink the tree water, kill the tree, & make a puddle in the corner like last year Brent. Do I get a treat now? Maybe, I took this make believe dog imagery too far. HA! HA! Just Kidding!!!

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      Don't give Que any ideas.....he is laying by the tree now!!! :)

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  13. 8-5 record last week , 77-40 last overall record, 85-45 record this week
  14. scratch the 11-1 record andy , it actually 12-1 , overall 77-40
  15. last week overall-65-39 ,with an 8-4 record this week- 76-40 , 11-1 record this week why can rams beat jets come on man
  16. alanta tampa bay buccaners dallas cowboys green bay houston bengals st louis rams redskins NO Denver NE Baltimore SF
  17. i not dissing gordy but has failed to get sepearion and get open in his carrer
  18. in order i want 1. Luke joeckel 2. Taylor lewan 3 Chance Warmack 4. Barret Jones 5.Dj Fluker 6.Ryan matthews 7.Justin Hunter 8.Keenan allen 9 Matt elam 10.Kenny Varraco
  19. 8-4 for week 10, previous overall 57-35, now 65-39
  20. Ravens Broncos Giants Dolphins lions patriots Falcons Buccanners Seahawks Cowboys 49ers texans steelers
  21. still got me 18.22 fantasy points good enough
  22. sorry andy if i didn,t make it clear i edited the top quotes to this weeks iresults i still got 11-2 record this week, overall after this week 57-35 after it was 46-33 last week
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