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  1. is i me or colts forums font  different 

    1. MTC


      Looks the same to me.

    2. Nadine


      we get our style from colts.com

      I haven't noticed a change but, it's possible


  2. we can easily get guys like fairley ,jefferson tier 2 guys at position of need , and sign one or two tier 1 one guys like ingram and be just as effecient
  3. rest in peace Gavin buddy , thoughts and prayers go to Gavin family and  friends 

    1. Gramz


      What the heck...???  :flowers:

    2. Gramz


      This just deeply saddens me to hear this news.  RIP Gavin.

    3. southwest1


      I feel bad now that I didn't visit Gavin's threads as often as I should have.


      IF anything, Gavin's tragic passing, reminds me to let my friends know on the forum when they make me laugh, write an outstanding post, or just are cool to follow online since they have an interesting slant on things in general or intriguing pastimes/hobbies etc. etc. 

  4. yesterday was 42 degrees celsius 30 degrees in the night 

  5. i think he will fit fine with the weight he has know or at the lower weight , henry did come from same defense , solomon can 5 tech and 3 tech at the very least , at the very worst you are getting a very distruptive player who can play 3-4 de end at a high level next to henry and ridgeway at defense tackle
  6. this is a solomon thomas fan account used to be andretoindy 

  7. i am jim bob cotter fan would be a good fit
  8. if it was me i would fire hc and keep grigs around , give him two years the next two draft are going to be deep imo in defense . grigson is learning from his mistakes and his drafts have been good . dorsett hasn,t been used correctly and develop something which is coaching job , it taken a few hits and misses but slowly have build blocks ridgeway ,anderson ,geathers on offense you luck ,hilton ,moncrief ,mewhort ,kelly Haeg and clark look promising needs to work on strength and pass blocking in clark case . tj green a wait and see approach , imo being a db is one of top position to transition in the nfl /
  9. ron rivera was when the gm before gentlemen was fired
  10. oakland miami in the afc greenbay , detroit if they make it , giants , falcons
  11. hits blake martinez henry anderson erik kendricks travis fredrick derek carr jay ajayi blake bortles being terrible larry warford david decastro glenn robinson being a bust jake matthews landry austin being a dissapointment dee ford misses peter konz barret jones shayne skov robert woods marquise lee jace amaro asj david cobb micheal floyd marcus gilbert trent richardson david wilson coby fleener
  12. Takkarist Mckinely stock has risen signifcantly i remember when he was a late round pick a month ago , havn,t checked in a while .Derek Barnett is OLB from Tennessee, Sidney jones is a cb from washington on one of best d in cfb , Azeem victor is an ilb from washington , reminds me of his former college teeam shaq thompson.Kareem hunt is a rb from toledo has a bit of david johnson in him can do it all pass block , catch and run the football , i am team dalvin but he is my fourth favourite back behind cook,mcaffery and kamara .montravius adams is a dt /de on the auburn defense is quick and explosive off the snap , display positon flexabilty like ridgeway who we drafted last year
  13. how do i change my colts forum name 

    1. NFLfan


      Go to your Account Settings. You will see the "Settings Area" menu. Click on that. Select "Display Name". Proceed from there. Hope it works. 

  14. here is my mock draft for next year if things were to stay status quo 1 . Derek Barnett 2. Sidney jones 3 Azeem Victor 4 Kareem hunt - david johnson 2.0 will be split carries with gore and then take over year two 4 montravius adams 5 bpa 6 Takkarist McKinley
  15. jones washington stribling sutton tabor the rest of gators cb tankersly
  16. @ GB L though i could see a win if ty is fully fit TEN W PITL @ NYJ W HOUW @ MINW @ OAK W JAX.W 9- 7 versus broncos in wildcard round at home we beat them and then lose a close in foxbro
  17. if we can sign ingram , fairley and perry but most likely it either perry or ingram if had to spend fa money but fairley we can get cheap , so fairley and kiko we get for cheap , perry or ingram going to cost serious coin . draft garret to complement ingram or perry , hopefully draft sidney jones to complement vontae putting prob as 3rd corner and butler as the fourth and Zack cunnigham to complement kiko in the linebacking core
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