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  1. I read where Pagano says Wilson needs to be better on special teams. Don't get me wrong he most likely needs to get better in that department but cmon! We need him in the secondary WAY MORE than on special teams.
  2. This^^^^ X 1000....I could not agree more. I'm starting to think he's never going to get it.
  3. Of course he's not the coach all he's doing is giving his ideas on some ways to get TY open. Chud needs all the ideas he can get cuz his play calling is straight
  4. I see both. I see some good talent (or at least more talent than last year) and good coaching/game plan in the first half. Then the 2nd half rolls around and the coaches can't make any adjustments (or any that work), don't play guys that have shown they can help the team. Not putting guys in a position to where they can succeed. Play calling goes to crap in the 2nd half. Basically doing the same things that has not worked week after week after well you get my drift
  5. I might be in the minority here but the quarterback play, even with JB's limited time & knowledge of the playbook is not the problem.
  6. That's the problem, even with Chuck on the team there still is no HC.
  7. I agree and would like to think its due to inexperience. Basically a rookie QB and keeping the Colts in the games. That's all you can ask for out of the backup. I would like to see the Colts RUN the ding dang ball more when up 2 scores. Make an adjustment any type of adjustment cuz the other coaches are and they are shutting him down. Also maybe try Mack at RB in the 2nd half. Sigh. Every game they get outcoached in the 2nd half.
  8. I like Doyle but he's been awful this year minus the Cards game. I hope he tightens things up cuz the O needs him.
  9. lol Yea we would play baseball with a tennis ball on the cul de sac where I lived. Used a tennis ball so we wouldn't break any windows. We spent 5 minutes on the name and just called it "tennis ball" We would play everyday during the summer. Sometimes till the street lights came on. Man those were the good ole' day!!!
  10. Watson has definitely shown lots of promise (picked him up in my fantasy league before the NE game woot woot lol) but he has also gone up against some the weaker D's when it comes to total yards and pass D... 1. NE - 447 Total ypg (32nd) 323 Pass ypg (32nd) 2. Tenn - 345 Total ypg (21st) 235 Pass ypg (24th) 3. KC - 366 Total ypg (27th) 248 Pass ypg (25th) So I would like to see him go up against one of the better D's in the league first before really saying one way or the other. But wow 10 passing TD's in the past 2 games is still 10 TD's no matter who your playing not to mention he's pretty good when running with the football to.
  11. I agree with ya & definitely like to see Turbin in on every 3rd and short The guy is just money in those situations. Yea I see your point on 15 touches but I was hoping for a couple passes headed his way. Anything to get Mack in the open field. I liked those stiff arms last Sunday
  12. I never said Gore wasn't great at pass blocking or getting those tough yards when there looks like there aren't any to get. Gore is the definition of a pro. I love Frank Gore. I never suggested that Mack should take carries away or for Mack to be the starter. But I would be lying if I said the change of pace isn't refreshing. I greatly appreciate ALL of what Frank brings to the table and all he contributes week in and week out. I also like what I see out of Mack and I don't see the problem getting him 15 touches per game. That's all I'm saying
  13. I might be in the minority but I thought Mack played well in his first game of the season as well (minus the fumble in garbage time). Should of had another TD in that game. Nobody played particularly well in that game. Yes he did not play well vs Arizona (only had 6 carries) but as a unit the Colts didn't run the ball effectively in that game either. He has been out injured the last 2 games. So he has made something out of his opportunities in 2 of the 3 games he's played in. I'm not sure but I think your math is off as I don't see how 3.2 ypc equals 2nd and 5? I have also seen Gore get stopped behind the line for a 1-2 yard loss and many no gains. I'm not going to lay blame on Gore (like you are Mack) though as that has more to do with the OLine. I never said Gore was bad at anything. I never said Mack was better. I just said they both play well off each other. So you know in 3 games what Mack is and what he isn't? lol ok I will intelligently agree to disagree
  14. This year I see Gore surpassing LT for 5th All-Time. It would be awesome to see him get past Curtis this year as that would also mean Gore provided another 1k rushing yard season but I think Gore would need to play one more season to move into 4th All-Time. Dude has been a beast for his entire career!
  15. I believe I read that he hurt his elbow on that run but expects to play Monday night.
  16. Why the negative nancy spin towards Mack there at the end like all the other backs were ripping off 25-30 yard runs? Gore had a great run that he almost broke free but got caught from behind/waist tackle. One game over 50 yards rushing (57 vs Cleveland on 25 carries). Don't get me wrong I'm a huge Gore fan, and he should remain the starter but Mack deserves more touches (and some credit) as the season goes along. He brings a homerun element to the backfield that none of the other backs have and it's not even close. The Colts do need a rb like Gore who can get skinny when there are NO holes to run through. That happens a lot behind this OLine. The Colts also need a rb like Mack who can take it to the house and instills that fear into opposing D's. I have also seen some people criticize Mack for some runs where he was hit behind the line but defend Gore on the same type of plays . It's a sad day here in Colts nation when 40 yards rushing is considered a productive day (I'm not saying it's Gores fault by any means, we all know what the problems are. Luck being out OLine problems, play calling) but it's been that way for a long time with the Colts. The Colts need both of these running backs as their styles complement each other very nicely. Oh and Turbin should always be the 3rd and 1 rb!!
  17. GREAT news! Be awesome to get CG back...
  18. I agree Krunk given how poorly the Titans D has performed this year especially in the secondary. I also wonder how much longer Mariota will be out? Jax on the other hand, that secondary/pass rush is playing scary good. They will definitely put our improved run D to the test as well.
  19. I also agree on George. After watching him make yet another play today (1/2 sack with Sheard) I went and looked up his snap count for last week vs Seattle. None on Defense but did play on special teams. I didn't hear anything about him being inured so I'm not sure why he's not getting any run. I also thought he played really well against Arizona and was afraid he would be back on the bench once Morrison came back. I'm not sure how he fares in pass coverage, maybe somebody can shed some light on that but I agree he needs to see the field more. Definitely an area of need next offseason...
  20. I'm out of likes but I agree with everything here especially JB.
  21. That's awesome Crazy! Yea I was a Chargers fan before the Colts came to town. Lived in San Diego before moving back to Indiana. I also know what you mean on not getting too worked up. I remember when winning one game (usually all FG's 12-9 score lol) was cause for a HUGE celebration I agree with you 100% on Ballard and patience. I definitely see some bright lights/potential here and there. I'm right there with you on most of your views CC, we just don't see eye to eye when it comes to Pags...and that's ok Good win today even though it got a little scary there at the end..
  22. That's awesome you've been watching football that long CrazyColt!!! Man I bet you have seen a lot of wild/crazy/classic matchups!!
  23. Also the issues I have with Pags are as evident today as they were 3 years ago. Only difference is he was getting W's back then...Slow starts, no in-game adjustments, discipline, clock management, challenges or lack of. Cant play 4 quarters of football in 6 years. Were still trying to copy that San Fran game from 15'. I like pags as a person, awesome guy! Time to go as a coach but that's just my 2 cent. **disclaimer: In no way are my views a direct reflection of the Indianapolis Colts nor do I feel my thoughts and opinions will be used in the next Ballard/Irsay meeting. I also hope the Colts don't use my 2 cent against me in any way. Like banning me from home games
  24. Key words: 3 years ago. Yes I'm only a fan. Proud to be a colts fan! As I know you are as well and at the end of the day your opinions mean just as much as mine. I guess we will see what Ballard and Irsay think of Pags coaching at the end of the season. I think I know where I would put my $ if I was a betting man. For the record...NOT IN A MILLION YEARS do I think my opinion on a message board is going to sway Irsay or Ballards decision making one way or the other. This is a message board. Not a stock holder meeting or whatever lol. Fans come here to voice their opinions to other fans. I think you take this board a little to serious but I could be wrong. I will still give ya a high five after a Colts TD!! lol
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