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  1. There will be someone, the Colts need help along the entire defensive line, a pass rusher, an inside linebacker, and a safety. Someone will be available.
  2. The caldwell move wouldnt work, he plays in a zone blocking scheme if im correct and as Gavin said earlier, Cherilus is not strong enough, and we dont want to see him get linkenbacked
  3. I'd expect someone to fall to us due to QB reaching, so i dont think Grigson would wanna miss out on a top player
  4. YES, i got some family in kansas, maybe i'll get my chance to travel to watch my first colts game with the fam
  5. Damn this is why i love this team, player interaction and our players are just the best
  6. He should be able to help on run support, that has been a problem in philly, they cant tackle
  7. Draft warford, sign vasquez and vollmer and just win baby, give shipley a chance and draft a playmaker in the first round (CB, S, OLB
  8. Instead of giving avery a spot, why not letting hilton or brazill get some more throws, fleener and hilton are both rookies, they can get better
  9. Anthony casthonzo is alright at LT, lets get vasquez and levitre at guard and vollmer at RT and we'll be fine, although i doubt that will happen, imagie this oline Lt: castonzo Lg: levitre C: shipley Rg: vasquez Rt: Vollmer
  10. I'll try to do it on madden and tell you what's the outcome
  11. Avery killed us with important drops
  12. That shish cray but id love that although it will never happen
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