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  1. 38 passes, 1 int ...that was probably the receiver's fault for not finishing his pattern. Can anyone name ANY QB for any team that has had worse protection? He had two well thrown balls that receivers did not handle on Sunday. The coaches have seen him all last year running the scout teams. He may or may nor pan out. He has had no chance to succeed with the line and receivers he has. How would the other two have fared under those conditions...we don't know, but 1 int in 38 passes under heavy pressure probably says something to the coaching staff. If he is waived, my bet is he will be picked up by another team. The QB situation is pretty bad in a few places in the league. I'm sure the Colts would like to be able to free the roster spot but also want a scout team QB who can emulate both the passing and running of other teams. And...it's a long way to picking the final 53. No one knows what may change at this point. If nothing else, he can take the exhibition games punishment to keep the others healthy.
  2. Thing is that Hasselbeck and Harnish are in totally different places as far as pressure to perform and were in totally different situations with field position, personnel around them, etc. We will never know how Hasselbeck or even Luck would have reacted with similar circumstances and supporting casts. Playing from behind... in bad field position... with heavy pressure and no protection leads to bad performances for most QBs. I'm sure there will be other pre-season opportunities to see whether the play we saw is the exception or the norm. One thing for sure is the coaches did not want to see the first two QBs taking those hits...so that is a positive!
  3. The Jets did it to him in a playoff game a few years back. Always wondered why others did not try. The jets waited until he had no time to get out of the audible and shifted very late...Colts got killed. Maybe running some quick count plays would stop that stuff...or lining up in formations so spread out that the defense has to declare itself earlier. Chess game, really. Polecat and shift back to a formation...lot of possibilities both ways.
  4. It appears that the QBs are coached to throw with touch. He has more arm than that but looks like he is trying to finesse every pass.
  5. "Andrew L. can escape the rush and get rid of the ball when he needs to.... We need to throw on 1st down We can pass to set up the run.....use our strengths to scover up our weakness.." Throw short, throw to backs, screens...mix in runs and occasional shots down the field. The line is not good enough to run consistently. I think you have it right. The quarterbacks appeared to be afraid to move around until this game. Looks like the coaches took off the shackles...pocket pass protection is very poor so moving pockets and bootlegs mixed with short stuff will be the best plan... until the line comes around. As for the last few minutes, taking time off the clock was primary and Vikes would likely have NOT scored if the the 22 yard sack had been avoided. He is a quick study, bet that does not happen again.
  6. Interesting idea even if intended to be tongue-in-cheek. Chandler is the red haired stepchild on this forum due to his MAC background. Andrew Luck has some physical advantages in size and is scary intelligent including football savvy plus he played in the BCS competition. News Flash! Chandler is 90% of all that with a real intangible factor in leadership that Luck also has ..we hope. Not saying Luck does not but with a score needed, Chandler has a sense of urgency that his team buys into...a leader who gets the points in a very high pct. of those possessions. Did it all through college and again in game 4 preseason. He is not Luck but is a very good back up given a year to smooth rough spots. All the Colt Qbs have been indoctrinated so they stay in the pocket, even when some movement, ala Big Ben, can open up receivers. Perhaps more leeway will be given as the season moves on because the threat of pulling it down and running can keep a defense a bit tentative.
  7. Philosophically, the calls as a whole were not great. We had a lot of success with quick drops and shorter passes. Where were the screens? Passing is where have to put our chips this season with mostly short, quick stuff and a few longer passes and occasional runs to keep the defenses honest. Looks as though the QB has been STRONGLY discouraged from leaving the pocket but that is better than a sack usually and would help keep the defenses on their heels a little. To be fair, the OC has a right to do what he believes in...but if we do not move toward a primarily 3 step passing game, there will be more of what we saw today. The line simply isn't good enough for a conventional offense.
  8. Kicking to Hester is scary. WE need a rush this drive.
  9. Like the quicker passes. To be fair, the Bears had a bad call on that interference call. TD!!
  10. Would like to see more 3 step drops. Hope the rush wears down as the game goes on....they are coming hard. Cutler has a rocket launcher.
  11. Luck no more than 12 int, 26-32 TD passes. Colts win between 7-11 games.
  12. With the available talent, I hope we throw, throw, throw and make what little rushing game we have more effective by doing so. Would love to see a lot of short passes to negate the blitzes and protect the franchise quarterback. The OL should get better if pass blocking is what they practice most. Thinking Luck can get in good FG range 3 times a game and score at least two TD in the air most games. 23 points average is solid mid-pack and the defense will be better when Freeney and Mathis are turned loose down the road. Protect the line by throwing a lot of quick passes and running when least expected. My 2 cents... which is not worth a penny. OL=D DL=C ILB=B- OLB=B- CB=B S=B- RB=C TE=B- WR=B QB will start at B- and progress to A- So, if C is a league average and this is anywhere close to accurate, maybe 6-9 wins with outside chance of 2 more due to the schedule.
  13. Stanton has looked great in preseason. Harnish looked very poised for a rookie from the MAC. He tends to try too hard the first couple series and feels the pressure to perform but sucks it up and does the job as he did last night. Colts management has shown some real outside-the-box thinking which is unusual in the NFL. I would not bet anything on the outcome of the 2 or 3 QB question. Agree that Harnish will not clear waivers if cut. No clue whatsoever as to why he was drafted if he is not going to be kept. Certainly has played above the expectations of most on this forum.
  14. So, does it boil down to this? Is Freeney worth between 9-14 million this year...whatever the real number turns out to be? He is a fan favorite... including this fan, but if I were doing the paying....hmmmm. It is a business, sort of... with maybe too much emotion in many decisions. What would you do?
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