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  1. Yeh I hear ya on that!!! Cover 2 but let 3 GO FREE!!!!!
  2. The Colts had players when Manning came in...Faulk and Marvin were very good players. They have average at best players right now wouldnt you say??..I would have kept Peyton and traded picks and drafted a QB later on.....We sucked for Luck I hope we dont suck with Luck!
  3. Oh I rate the cuts and A overall....retool this entire team now that Peyton is gone...Peyton made everybody better....Without HIM these players are just average at best....The defense benefitted so much when we had the lead....The defense was the pits this past year...Time to reface the D....wish they'd done that before...Where's the beef???? Here it comes!!!
  4. Oh they are wearable and go on the same way....I dont wear jerseys of former players...thats all......I guess im going to have to boost the economy a little bit this year
  5. Worst week in my Colts history by far.....All the favorite players gone....My collection of jerseys to wear on gameday are no longer going to be wearable....I certainly hope the Colts get some good players in here....Im sure they have a plan....Shock to the system though!!!!!
  6. 9-7 with Peyton 5-11 with Luck 14-2 in 2013 with Peyton and the future selections we traded for to pass on Luck!!! What!!!
  7. Only arguement would be if Manning is 100%, then we would have a quality QB.....then trade pick, take WR with 1st rd pick and build from there........a quality QB to fall back on later will always be there. Luck = Elway??? I say the odds are against it. No matter what ...the Colts and most teams have a so so back up and we probably wont have manning and Luck on same roster ...so it is what it is.
  8. No news is good news if you have Peyton possibly on the team next year......any setbacks from now till say end of next week and he is gone....sad to say. I hope he decides to keep him.
  9. Ive left this alone for a while but now Im ready to leave my opinion.....Keep Peyton, if he is healthy. he is better than any rookie right now, and we can trade the 1st pick for multiple selections. I know we need more than just Luck, and letting a potentially healthy Manning go is a mistake to the team and franchise. He will come back and hurt us. We can get a lot for the 1st pick and draft a QB later. The risk for injury is always there, whoever the QB is. I see the Colts retaining Manning. These experts are wrong on some top selections .......but we all know Manning is the real deal.
  10. If Manning can play....we have to keep him.. I would trade the #1 pick and the Colts would get the world for it...Grab a QB later in the draft...and load up with the other picks....What could we honestly get for the #1 pick ?? 2 1st rounders a second and a third?? Of course it would matter on the team that wants it...but I would entertain all offers....gonna be interesting off season...more exciting than the regular season this year.
  11. The Colts are going to miss the playoffs this year, count on that. Hopefully they can get a top 5 selection in the draft and beef up on the defensive side of the ball. Peyton will be back and the offense will do their thing as usual. Be patient everybody we will be back. Too bad for this year with the SB being in Indy and all.
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