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  1. I don't understand K.C. Giving up Dee Ford for a 2nd, and then getting Clark for a 1st and a 2nd plus the $$$. Many thought it was Ford's positional fit going forward, but I just don't understand the thought process.
  2. I think of the surprise possibilities, once could be Chris Lindstrom due to position flexibility, and he would make a great rotational piece, since you know their will be injuries. He would be a great fill in piece for anyone hurt at times next year. Good solid depth in OL is always preferred. My second surprise possibility is Chase Winovich. I prefer him over Gary, and would have no problem with him at 26. I think he is going to thrive, and would make a great locker room fit the way he plays. Can't wait to see how it unfolds because Ballard is so difficult to predict. In the 2nd round, I believe one of the TCU LB's, Banagou or Collier would be a good guess and I am hoping a WR. We shall see!
  3. The surprise will be Chase Winovich with our first pick!
  4. I think the one thing everyone should examine in OBJ's signing, is he has a rather unique contract. He has an out clause in two years where he can walk away. You pay that kind of draft capital plus a player, pay the money for two years, and hope he does not walk away. Plus, with OBJ if he has a good two years, what are the chances he does not exercise that clause in his contract.
  5. I am pretty sure Johnson decided to go back to Texas. As far as Arciega-Whiteside, his route running tree is vastly underrated. Draft Network did a really good write up on him. He would be a great pick in the second, since the players I want, Harmon, Metcalf or Brown will be gone in the 1st, IMHO. Many think Butler is a boom or bust, but I think he will be a Boom. I would love him as much as JJ in the second. If you got Isabella in the 3rd, I would love the draft from a WR point of view. With Cain returning, and hopefully continuing his progress, we would not have to worry about WR for awhile.
  6. First off, let me state I have not seen him on tape, and have only seen a few Miss. St. games, so I try and read a lot of draft opinions to see what a player is all about. I had heard nothing but good things about him until I read some opinions from The Draft Network. Here was a writeup on him from one of their talent evaluators: "I’ve seen Abram mocked in the first round lately and let’s just say I am very perplexed. In today’s NFL where coverage ability, range, ball skills and versatility are ceted, Abram misses the mark. What is true about Abram is that he is super physical. He is aggressive and violent hitter that is willing to run alleys and explode into contact. WITH THAT SAID, he isn’t a consistent tackler and whiffs way too much. And for a guy with his play demeanor, I am often disappointed with his ability to play through contact and disengage from blocks. Even with his best ability, there are concerns. For me, Abram is a dime linebacker and special teams guy. He may have some upside situationally to matchup with tight ends in coverage but his skill set is incomplete. We don’t see Adrien Wilson or Roy Williams like players really thriving in today’s NFL and Abram fits that mold more than he does a player who can be a neutralizer against pace and space offenses the NFL currently features." As I said I look for a variety of different opinions, and many know very little about what they are talking about, but this one did dismay me a bit.
  7. Theoretically if the Colts were to package their two second rounders, they could get up to the 7th position, if we look strictly at the points assigned to draft picks, but that is rarely the case, especially in the top ten. You may be able to package the 34th pick, our 4th and 5th to move up, but it just depends on what is there at seven. Now that is looking at it from a draft ammo, which we have a lot of. Two seconds and two fourths place us in a nice spot if we want to move up. I don't see that happening until middle first (doubtful), or somewhere in the second. In fact I would not be surprised to see us trade down. The reason, Ballard treasures draft picks. Look what he has done with the 2/3 seconds from last year. Ballard is looking to add to the DL, and the sweet spot for the DL is the second round once the top 5 edge players are gone, and likely will be gone by the top 12. Additionally, rounds 2-4 are the sweet spot for WR depth. I would love to see him go dline or cornerback early, and in the second snag Hakeem Butler, Deebo Samuel or J.J. Arcega Whitside. Kelvin Harmon is my personal pick for WR, but I think he goes top 20, and we won't go WR in first.
  8. Love everything I have heard and seen in camp about Cain. My only thing cautioning me to pump the breaks, Durant Carter. For those of you who are new, camp superstar two years in a row, snagged everything, but could not do it during game time.
  9. Kelly reported to camp and looked yoked as far as being in shape. If he can return to rookie form, then Andrew hopefully won't get that inside rush. Inside rush is very quick and hard to avoid. The blind side will be important too of course, but I want to know what Kelly looks like. We could have a great rushing team between the tackles, giving Andrew more time to scope the field.
  10. Speed and timing are very important for Andrew of course, and it will take time to get that back, and when I say time I think 3-4 games into the season. What I think will be more important, is Andrew willing to stay in the pocket like he used to, and not be afraid to take a hit. That is what set him apart. As much as he got hit, and all that has happened, I think it will take some time to get him back where he feels comfortable under fire. Luck makes a lot of plays because he gives his receivers time to get open. I hope though Reich's offense will get the ball out of his hands much more quickly than what we have seen previously, but there are always going to be times where you need to dance in the pocket, evade and that is when he can hit TY, Cain in stride downfield. The ability to sit in the pocket will be so important for him. I would be gun shy after what he has endured. Somehow though I think he will be OK, since this is a guy who tells guys good hit after just taking his head off.
  11. Anthony Barr from Minny. Legit LB we could really use and I don't think Minn. will have the money to pay him since they have so many high $$ players, little cap space and need to pay Diggs. I think he has an actual chance to hit the market. Lewan I don't see making the market. He will get extended this summer or franchised next year. Pair him up with Leonard since it is truly an area of need. I think Ballard timed having the cap space perfectly since next year their is a much better crop, plus we should be much further along in development.
  12. Just remember, this is going to change a lot before the draft because this will be the first year I believe Ballard uses FA. We don't have a lot of players to resign, and with over 100M in cap space next year after carry over, and basically FA next off season will be starting year 3 of the rebuild, Ballard will be a little more aggressive. How aggressive, I don't know. I think the one area we should look at in FA is WR, LB, and CB. The one area to avoid in my opinion in FA is DT and DE. The 2019 draft is absolutely loaded with defensive line talent. When one team's whole defensive line (clemson) is projected to go first round, you know it is very deep. I would love Wilkins or Oliver, but I don't think Colts will be drafting top 5 again, which is a good thing..
  13. The guy has speed in the 4.35 area, and I think we will use him in the slot quite a bit also. So in fact in addition to RB, you can consider him one of our slot receivers. I loved the pick, and was reading yesterday Dallas was really wanting him, and were going to draft him in the same round had we not picked him. They were bummed about us taking him. Dallas really needs play makers, and after watching him at the combine, and NC St. this kid while not being big, so breaking tackles is not his forte, but making people miss, and he can be another receiver/RB who can use that giant open middle of the field to make some large plays, in addition to just coming out of the backfield!
  14. His last interview, he was very adamant and very clear. I am staying with the plan, and I will be ready to go when camp begins. He won't be throwing in any organized colt's activities until training camp begins. I would imagine we will get few updates until Training Camp also, so get ready for all the "sky is falling" pieces sure to follow in the media. The fact we are not drafting a QB, and traded down still tells you all you need to know. Luck is on schedule, but he plans to take every small step necessary so he will be 100 percent by camp!
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