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  1. Our team is solid across the board explain any weaknesses because I don't see it 13-3 is a very strong possibility and a Super Bowl run. I just think you all are just preparing yourself for the worst.
  2. Yeah, I like our team to it'll be very interesting to see how this team plays when the season starts. We sure look good on paper but it's why they play the games so will see the talk mean nothing.
  3. I hope they get at least 8 wins so they don't get Lawrence and the Jags to. But both teams seem to be tanking to me. I do to because it means absolutely nothing.
  4. I think Eason makes the 53 he's still a work in progress but I he has great upside.
  5. Yeah, we look good on paper but we may see something different when the lights come on. But a great running game will hide any deficiencies that we might have due to injuries or whatever else.
  6. Tyquan Lewis is my pick I think he's got angry to him he wants to prove something this season.
  7. They won't be able to allow fans in at all since there are other teams that can't allow any based on city ordinances.
  8. Yes and a much better arm so much bigger upside imo
  9. I think it would be fine with 14,000 to 16,000 at the games everyone will have to wear mask until they get to there seats and wear masks to the restroom. I'm not sure how they would do concessions though.
  10. NBA is always getting it right and was the first of the big three sports to figure out an accurate plan. The last testing showed not a single NBA player testing positive. There has to be a bubble for NFL players if not your going to see a lot of positive test and it's going to ruin the season a season where I think the Colts could be very good it would be a shame for sure.
  11. Yeah, I agree with you on Brissett he is 11-25 as a starter so now it's time to see what these other guys can do.
  12. I agree with you about Eason and everything else but I'm still cautiously optimistic that a major outbreak in the NFL don't ends things early but it looks like they want to play so that's good.
  13. Yeah, I also heard that on the July 28th when everybody reports there doing testing and then leaving the facility and not coming back until they they test negative.
  14. I will always get chills when seeing Marlin Jackson intercept that Brady pass awesome. I miss Luck so much it was great seeing those great Luck plays.
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