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  1. Should we take an O-lineman in the first round or pass rusher in the first?
  2. Yeah, He might as well if he keeps Pagano and Grigson.
  3. Yeah, I'm right there with you I feel the same way.
  4. Yeah, I feel he is still searching and waiting for answers back.
  5. That is so true I got to find a new hobby because eight months is a long time to wait just to watch this team stink again. I can't root for Pagano and Grigson your so right.
  6. Exactly he fired Polian who have should have kept and retained Grigson that he should have fired. I think Irsay is on two many drugs and is staying high all the time it's clouding his thinking.
  7. This team is worth no seat and probably not even worth watching on TV where it's free.
  8. Nope will continue to be the laughing stock of the league with stupid decisions by Pagano. We are now officially the Cleveland Browns.
  9. If they start 0 and two, the fans will be wanting a refund on their season tickets.
  10. Yeah, My opinion is that there is no way Manning takes this job for so many reasons. It just doesn't make any sense to me.
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