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  1. I completely agree there's a ton I want to say on here about this angerly but I'll stay tight lipped but I agree with you.
  2. I would never change a thing about our jersey's not now not ever there perfect like that are and I think the Colts organization agrees with me.
  3. Yeah, you have made a good point it also to me he didn't have enough talent around Peyton it showed when Peyton went down with the neck.. I mean Peyton covered up for the lack of talent because Peyton was so great. IMO
  4. Yeah, I wonder on his last few years if Bill had Chris mostly running things and maybe that's the reason for the poor drafting and the firing. Because I don't think there was reason ever brought out on the reason for the firing.
  5. I agree with you totally everybody needs to improve from the coach to the players and Reich's ego isn't so big that he doesn't know he needs to improve. I'm sure he's self evaluating all the time no matter what he might say to the media.
  6. Totally agree! He is a hall of fame executive for a reason.
  7. I agree to point to but all that's being said is that we have the talent to do it that's all. But like your saying everything has to fall into place so were both right. I mean last year Brady was a brand new QB for Tampa and they won it with all be it a hall of fame QB.
  8. Yes, of 'course we got to beat them first but who says we won't. We have just as much chance of beating them as they have of beating us so let the games begin when they do. Bill Polian was just saying we have a good enough chance to do so based on our talent that we have. But nobody is for sure of the outcome until after we play them and I to like our chances.
  9. He said that Darius Leonard is the best weak side linebacker in the league period and I agree. He said every position on our team is solid and that we are definitely good enough to make a super bowl run barring injury's to key positions all the way. He said Nelson is on way to a gold jacket but we all knew that. He likes the the signing of Eric Fisher. He also said that Ballard is the best GM in the league and should have won executive of the year. But he did say he's biased that he wears a horseshoe tattoo close to his heart after being fired that's saying a lot. IMO. What's your opinion about what Bill had to say do you agree or disagree? I agree but I have a lot of respect for Bill. Copy and paste the link below into your browser it's the AFC South review. . You can also get the podcast on your mobile phone Inside football with Bill Polian. https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9yc3MuYXJ0MTkuY29tL2luc2lkZS1mb290YmFsbC1wb2RjYXN0/episode/Z2lkOi8vYXJ0MTktZXBpc29kZS1sb2NhdG9yL1YwLzdlRnV6YVAtT1JEc1JJRjd4MUJMYU9GZlJsUWI2TWRyZUN1YUNPTHpfQmc?sa=X&ved=0C
  10. Your so pessimistic he’ll after the first few games. How dumb do you think Ballard and the team doctor are?
  11. I do and always will like Rick Venturi the guy is highly intelligent and knows what he’s talking about
  12. Nelson {the bulldozer} is the second coming of Anthony Munoz you can’t pass on a player that caliber at any position.
  13. By the way my fav is a tie with Leonard, Blackman, Taylor, Nelson and Okereke. I can't decide which is my number 1 so they all are.
  14. Yeah, mine are the same but I'm giving Rock and Banogu this coming season to show something or I'm completely done with them as will Ballard despite the fact he's been defending Rock all along.
  15. I think Dayo is going to be a star great pick just wait until he's completely healed whenever that is.
  16. I voted Hines everybody talks about the other running backs but all Hines does is make plays.
  17. If Tevi plays expect a lot of chipping and it will limit our offense.
  18. We don't know if it's a full rupture or a tear a full tendon rupture takes much longer to come back from. I'm sure the team had there doctor look at it and determined he could be back healthy in August. So this is a great signing our o-line is in good shape now.
  19. They drafted Ehlinger in the 6 round he's was only drafted for competition for Eason I don't see Ehlinger making the team.
  20. But my grade on the 2019 draft right I give it a C so far because Rock-a-sin hasn't shown much yet either has Banagu. The only one who's really has been good is Okereke. So even after two years the full verdict hasn't been shown yet because we could get something much better from Sin, Speed and Banagu this season.. My point is it takes a lot time sometimes to really get a grade on these guys right the draft is way to early.
  21. Did you see that QB's helmet fly off with Paye hit him awesome.
  22. I've had a chance to talk Jim Irsay and he is a great guy who just wants to win in the worst way.
  23. I don't give grades yet ask me in two years and then I'll give a grade. Ask me on May, 6th 2023
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