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  1. Well, right tackle isn’t his best position then then maybe guard he’s better.
  2. I think Banogu makes it and is very productive as well as Strachan.
  3. I hope there is a presser from Reich so we can get some answers.
  4. This guy who tweeted this is from the Colture podcast that I listen to he’s often says he has sourses it’s most likely accurate.
  5. They must think like we do because they didn't bring him in
  6. The buzz around here says Wentz looks great for somebody who hasn't had very much practice time. I believe Reich will get the best out of him they have a great relationship.
  7. I have never been high on Stafford I think he's greatly over rated and hasn't won anything. Did he ever make the playoffs with the Lions granted it's the Loins but come on he had megatron some of those years. I'm much more happy with the acquirement of Wentz I bet Wentz has a much better year than Stafford does hands down barring injury. I don't blame Ballard or whoeve it wasr for not wanting him.
  8. Harris can also return kicks I'll definitely go with Harris.
  9. I like Harris the guy has blazing speed.
  10. Training camp in Westfield is almost over but training camp for the players and coaches continues until the week before the season starts. It just continues at West 56th at Eagle Creek in what I still call the Colts Complex.
  11. Yes! Exactly! Fisher and Nelson Thank you
  12. I thought Eason played very well and anyone who wants to say anything bad about Eason because of the strip sack. They should look at Peyton's old tape because he got striped sacked and he's in the hall of fame.
  13. I wouldn't either he scrambled some and made at least one good play scrambling.
  14. Yeah, podcasts don't have any commercials so it's better than listening to the radio.
  15. Can you listen to it through there app? That's what I do or just listen to the podcast.
  16. I'm looking forward to this today there should be a fight there usually is in these joint practices and the heat won't help with that either.
  17. I'll also be there today to look for the guy with the Colts sun visor. I'll be alone since my wife suddenly can't go. I love talking Colts come by and say hi I'll most likely be standing up. I'm not a good sitter I'm always on the move but I'll sit some though.
  18. You base this on what? Are you a doctor? Have you had this injury yourself? Explain.
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