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  1. I don't believe they will keep three quarterbacks.
  2. It seems that Drew Stanton going to be involved in this trade or did I miss something.
  3. Has anybody thought about the possibility it could be Maurice Jones Drew?
  4. What are you saying this years team is 90 % different. Please know your players on the team before making any predictions. Because obviously you don't know very many of them. You sound like those stupid national . like Tim Hasselback who knows nothing about our new team. He cuts on us seemly daily but couldn't name one new acquisitions we've made this past off-season. They base everything on last years team that's all.
  5. I believe each and every one of you are wrong the colts record for 2012 season will be a very conservative 10 wins 6 losses. I'm very tired of everyone basing everything on last years team. This is a new team. I also hate it win people use the schedule as sort of parameter on what the Colts are going to do.The fact the matter we won't know how this team is until the middle of the season. But we can say that about every team in the NFL. That's my point and I'm sticking to it.
  6. If you read my post it says..I'm not saying that are going to be good or not. .I was just saying let's hold off judgement until we see these new players play that's all. 90% of our players are different. Let's have some faith in Grigson and his evaluation in these new players he has brought in and coaches. But I do agree that Rome wasn't built in a day. They need another high draft pick for a cornerback.
  7. I think it's crazy to think the Colts aren't going to be that good this season. I'm not saying they are or aren't going to be good. But what I am saying is we don't know what this team is going to do with all these new players, new coaching staff, and new Quarterback. The fact of the matter is we can't base on what happened last season with what's going to happen this season. I mean if Dalton can lead the Bengals to playoffs his rookie season there's nothing saying Luck the number pick in the 2012 draft can't do it. So hold off your judgments until we see this team in a real game. By the way w
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