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  1. I understand what your saying and I agree with it. I was just saying as a outside observer I think it time for him to hang it up that's all.
  2. If we can't run then we can't run ball how long does it take BA to figure that out
  3. I agree with you. But let's have some fun with this for as long as we can.
  4. Luck is going to have to earn that right over time. He not there yet but will be in the future.
  5. I know this has been discussed before at length. But I now strongly believe it's time for Collie to hang it up. I'm afraid if he does go out there and gets a major blow to the head it would be detrimental to his health for life. I know he has kids and everything. I mean this last concussion wasn't even a major blow and look what he is going through now. We need that roster spot for another o-lineman because of all the injuries. I'm just worried for him any thoughts?
  6. Donald Brown is a very productive running back if given some room to run. So It's definitely the o-line that's the problem
  7. Yes I totally agree with you same here
  8. I totally agree with you playing in the NFL is privilege not a right. So if he is a druggy then he's ruining his life and he'll lose millions just to get high. Stupid!
  9. Jeff George...lol JK probably captain comeback Jim Harbaugh.
  10. That seems like a lot of money to spend on a guard
  11. I noticed on the injury report that Collie didn't practice today. That surprised me because I thought he was cleared by the doctors. Maybe they were just being cautious... Does anyone know anything why he didn't practice?
  12. What's funny is that Peyton first game in 98' and Lucks first game stats were almost identical.
  13. Yes Reggie did save us from a lot worse showing. The defense looked really bad to. They got a lot of work to do.
  14. I totally agree I said the same thing to my wife. This can also be a great learning experience for this team.
  15. My most memoriable game I believe was in 2009 when we came back and beat the Patriots in a Monday night game. The Belichek 4th down play very exciting.
  16. I think the Bears are in trouble. Because we go into this game not with a chip on our shoulders but with a 2X4 and it happens to be the Chicago Bears who will get the blunt of that. I look for some frustration going out on the Bears to bad for them.
  17. We do have veterans to help these young guys. But every team has a lot of young guys. I do believe there primed and ready.
  18. I don't believe it should be consider a upset.
  19. I know I was actually kidding. But real Colts fans wouldn't say what he said.
  20. If you live in the middle of Bears country it disqualifies you to make any negative remarks about our team.
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