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  1. He'll want a long term deal considering what he's been through with injuries like his neck injury which he hasn't been the same player since.
  2. I know get the 13th pick back and still have Buckner would be awesome.
  3. I agree it is going to be fascinating to watch and I believe in Ballard and his vision it’s great to be a Colts now. By The way I blame Grigson for a lot things and especially the early retirement of Luck because he never got him a line Grigson set this franchise back 5 years in my opinion.
  4. Exactly! And it don’t matter what they say all that matters is what happens on the field period.
  5. He started throughout the playoffs though.
  6. If that’s true hopefully we get the 2017 version then
  7. Yeah that’s why he made the pro bowl last season come on now
  8. I'm not sure he is a bust but definitely not the player they thought he would be coming out college obviously. He had one amazing play in college and everyone went crazy but the truth of the matter is that he never was that good.
  9. Well see Ballard has a plan in mind I'm sure.
  10. I agree Ballard likes to sleep well at night and he thinks Brissett gives him the best chance to do that.
  11. What about we bring in Logan Ryan thoughts anyone?
  12. He really is when are they going to figure out that guy is not the answer to anything on this team. If they draft a QB then they got 3 QB's in the mix and way to much money invested in it. I know we only got Rivers on a one year deal but let's say he has a great year and still wants to play are we going to let him go after a great year I don't think so.
  13. Yeah, he does a lot picking and I'm not talking about his nose.
  14. Yes, and hopefully the leadership.
  15. They said that fa announcements could Be delayed because of the coronavirus concerns players can’t take physicals with team because they can’t meet in person yet. The NFL doesn’t want announcements made until then. But not saying anymore has been Done in fa by the Colts though
  16. How about we trade trade Buckner and Brissett for a much better first round draft position for a QB? I'm just thinking out loud. I wouldn't doubt anything that Ballard might mastermind.
  17. I'll be looking for a trade of Brissett probably for a draft pick. What does everyone think we can get for Brissett? I think it'll be for a 2nd rounder Ballard favorite draft position.
  18. I think that was already determined by Oliver and Frank after they talked to him.
  19. You nailed it that’s probably and should be the plan because we should have a young Qb waiting in the wings after one year.
  20. I think we draft Herbert and he learns from Rivers and Reich and can develop into a Star.
  21. None of the above Justine Herbert
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