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  1. Hey TK, just out of curiosity why don't you like this signing? I've seen you've been hoping we don't sign him the past week or two.. Just curious
  2. Alright folks, it's 2AM here in Texas... I'm checking out. Hopefully there's good news in the morning!
  3. Does anybody remember how many pages/comments the Vontae thread got?
  4. @NateDunlevy: Here's the thing about signing Walden: why not make same offer to Freeney? If he turns it down, so what? Why pay that for a worse option? I don't get the logic in keeping Freeney for big $ in 2012, then letting him walk without negotiating a deal, then doing this. My thoughts exactly.
  5. Buffalo Wild Wings posted this on their Facebook account: We just really don't want football season to end. Absolutely hysterical
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