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  1. Eagles and Redskins fans in there own stadium are the worst ever.
  2. If we make it to the AFC championship game I hope it's the Chargers we play. HOME GAME GO COLTS
  3. Not impressed by the logo. The 10 year anniversary logo now that was a great one.
  4. I mean classics I don't want to hear I have a #44 Dallas Clark. I have a #42 Potts,
  5. [quote n p up with Smith ame="lollygagger8" post="377783" timestamp="1357222302] ^Fixed^ he was targeted 18 times and receivers had 14 comp. almost 80%. not to good
  6. no way is he worth it, yea he had a decent game against the texans but he gets toasted a lot
  7. What part of NY. I was born in 73 been a colt fan my whole life. so thats why
  8. I'm from New York and i'm going to the game in Houston this week. Anyone know any great spots there. Also anyone know where to get tickets for the game and don't tell me stubhub, thanks.
  9. yes i am saying the two are the same team. like you i am a new yorker as well you will love Indy awesome city
  10. You guys dont know what your talking about we are the COLTS Baltimore or Indy know your history know your team, Come on man.
  11. Deion Sanders or Rod Woodson would be better then anyone we have now. and that being the age they are now I would Take them over ours.
  12. Listen i'm peyton mannings cousin and this sounds to be true
  13. your eating your words on this topic colts win
  14. man they were horrible back in the 80's
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