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  1. If you guys have ever watched Miami play here recently you would see Tannehill is playing behind a line that's the strength of tissue paper. He is on pace to set the record for the most times a QB has been sacked in a single season. After so much of being put on your back you begin to lose the feeling of security. I'm not worried because I think he will be even better once the line is further established. The other two however are mobile QBs and for the most part I'm not suprised they are on the list...
  2. He was mainly a WR for his first 2 years at Texas A&M, he continuously tried for the QB spot and won the job finally after loosing it the first few years. He has actually only been playing the QB spot for a few years, probably accumulating to 3 total as an actual spot, which only makes what he has done so far even more amazing. I also think it adds a new element to his playing ability having been a WR and knowing how to relate and place throws a bit better.
  3. In being both a Dolphins and Colts fan, Dolphins get the tilt when the two play so maybe I'm biased. However, to think that all the whinning about it is starting to get sad. Dolphins got shafted a few times that are just as arguable. The play that was supposedly a fumble was nonsense. The ball didn't flip and bobble 2 or even 5 yards down field, it had enough force behind it to get the nod as forward motion and an incomplete pass. Only when they saw fit and the play was dead did they rule it a fumble. Then the call on 4th down where Tannehill snuck it we got shafted. They ruled they couldn't d
  4. If you watched the supposed "late hit" you would see that their feet got tangled causing the Miami player to fall and therefor take the Colts player doen with him. No late hit, just legs getting tangled...
  5. EarthWAKE! Andrew is gonna be trying to dodge him all day Sunday
  6. Some of you I think are underestimating the Dolphins here. Miami went into Cleveland, yes I know Cleveland, but still put up 23 points barely passed to Mike Wallace at all and had zero run game. Miami's strength is defense. Tannehill is a smart player and can find ways to win just as Luck does. Miami is gonna be bitter from last year. Don't take them so lightly....
  7. Dolphins lost to a Colts team who played better than they did. It's true I am sore about it but it is how it is. Tannehill played a good game still and Luck just played better. I said they would have to win by Lucks arm and they did so I'm not suprised by anymeans. Colts and Dolphins are both uprising and rebuilding and I think both of us have the QB we were looking for to do so. Wasn't the Dolphins day but next week I will go back to pulling for both teams. So well done Colts you were the better team today!
  8. Non running? Last time I checked Tannehill is just as mobile as Luck but never has to run. Tannehill spent most of his years playing football as a WR. Guess that wouldn't enable him to be a running QB would it? And you guys get on us for seeming cocky? Being the fact that if it wasn't for Manning, a player who isn't even currently a Colt, you as well would be most irrelevant in Super bowl conversations. I respect Manning to the highest level for his playing ability and overall actions on and off the field. However, being that you all have had a franchise QB for a while now and Miami hasn't ha
  9. I agree. There's no comparrision despite my fanship towards the Phins it's not hard to see that Luck is the better and more superior QB. I was actually hoping the Phins to snag him but if they couldn't I wanted the Colts to do so. Miami has always been a team who just needs a solid QB who won't cost you the game. Tannehill fits the role pretty good so far and time will tell. Miami taking Tannehill was a risk I mean the guy had hardly any mainstream experience at QB and actually spent most of his football career at WR. Luck is the superior QB and exactly what the Colts needed, no question..
  10. A brave thought indeed, however, I emplore you to see reason lol. Dolphins will get the win, too many people underestimating what exactly they are dealing with in the Dolphins this year...
  11. Pleas enote that I said this before word was released but yes it would lol. Either way, Moore or Tannehill, I don't really see it changing things up a whole lot...
  12. Actually the 45 in which I was referencing was in someones previous post about Tannehill throwing the ball 45 times. Luck will throw closer to 40 than Tannehill will. And now I guess word is being circled around that Tannehill had his knee drained twice today before and after practice. It would appear that Moore is being lead on to be the starter Sunday. Either way I don't see it changing things up that much...
  13. This is how I feel lol. It's just funny and too much for me to handle to read someone say "AWWWW YEEAAAAHHH BOOOOIIII!!!!!! MY COLTS GOT THIS ONE 57 TO 3 MANNN!!! GOOOO COLLLLTTTTSSSS!!!!" lol
  14. If that's how you feel then take your best shot good sir. As of next week I will go back to being the partial Colts fan in which I am. However, I think that some Colts fans should seriously think about what they say and be rational about it. I am a Colts and Dolphins fan but by no means do I ever try to build my team up to such a level of hype that there is no way at all that they will come close to meeting that standard...
  15. And that's the great thing about a forum being able to share this thought with others! However, I don't think the Colts will be able to lol Most rational thing I have read all day. Some people should look into this stuff before they start throwing out a Colts win with the score of 40 to 10 or something....
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