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  1. Cutler would be an elite qb if he ever played on a team with a good o line. And of course, if he matured some. He has one of the best arms in the NFL.
  2. And this is why Reggie is my favorite colt of all time besides Manning.
  3. If Luck has to throw the ball 45+ times we will be in trouble. I will say 20/27 for 295 yards and 2 touchdowns.
  4. Almost like a sign of things to come for the Browns lol.
  5. I say 24-17 colts win. The Vikings are not nearly as good of a team as the Bears. The bears have possibly the best offense in the league this year and a pretty good defense too. A very winnable game.
  6. I agree that we shouldn't give him a long term deal if he fails. But my point is people are jumping the gun, almost like they expect him to fail. We need to see how he does this year, and if he fails then cut him. But if he does good, give him an extension.
  7. I thought Freeney played really good while he was out there against the Bears (I know it wasn't very long) but he was demanding double teams as he always does, and the defense was playing great with him out there (and noticeably bad once he left) But yet i STILL see some people (in various posts on this forum) seemingly unwilling to give him a chance. I just do not get it. What gives?
  8. Only a blind person couldn't see how good our defense looked with Freeney out there. Freeney draws DOUBLE TEAMS, he always has and he always will. We also had very little pass rush (outside of like 2 or 3 plays) once Freeney left too. If you choose to ignore those facts than well, thats not my problem. Your hate for Freeney is kind of sad and pathetic.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmY_bkpbyME And the amazing one handed catch that he made here to beat the texans at 3:05. I still watch this catch and think WOW how did he pull that in?
  10. I would have to go with Reggie Wayne. That guy year in and year out is one of the best WRs in the league. He played lights out against the bears and had like 3 one handed catches. He looked like he was 25 out there. He hasn't aged a bit. And he is super consistent and hardly ever makes mistakes. His route running is one of the best ever in the NFL and his hands are also one of the best ever too. He almost NEVER drops a pass or fumbles at all. How can you not love Reggie Wayne? This is one of my favorite Wayne moments. This touchdown was huge.
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