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  1. I’ve had directv for the past 26 years. This was the only way to watch Colt games here in MD. If I leave Directv, will I be able to stream Colt games here in MD. I’ve tried to research this online but I don’t seem to get a clear answer. It seems I can still watch the games with the nfl Sunday ticket app but I want to make sure I won’t miss a game if I cancel my directv. Thanks in advance.
  2. Where’s Blankenship? I smile every time I see him line up for a kick!
  3. I wonder how many of our coaches he takes with him to Philly?
  4. I would think that Reich would want to hire his own coordinator. Plus I would imagine some of our position coaches on defense will go with Eberflus. So it could have a ripple effect.
  5. Anyone at home looking for a good movie to watch, check out Greater on Netflix. It’s based on Brandon Burlsworth’s life story. It will make you proud that he was a Colt.
  6. I had to work today so I only go to see parts of the game. Did Speed play? I didn’t see him and he didn’t record any tackles. With Leonard out, I thought we’d see a lot of speed today.
  7. This kind of win or nothing mentality will pay off down the road with this young team.
  8. I thought we would get blown out today. We were going up against a good, physical, experienced team while fielding a very young team. To my surprise we looked organized and fast. The play calling was very good but we just made too many mistakes to win the game. This team will get better each week they play together. Anything more than 6 wins will be a good season for this team. I’m looking forward to an exciting season watching this young team.
  9. Go back and look at the pads players used 10-20 years ago. The shoulder pads were bigger and well as most linebackers used neck rolls. Mom sure players want more speed so their equipment has gotten smaller. Also * poor tackling techniques by smaller DBs.
  10. So here’s something to add to your conspiracy theory. Gruden and the Colts struck a deal last January for him to be the coach next season. ESPN is cutting high salary employees and Gruden sees the writing on the wall but he wanted one more year in the booth. This is why the Colts stuck with this coaching staff this year. Part of the deal was to have a healthy Luck when Gruden takes over. Plus Ballard wants a high draft pick for Gruden.
  11. I’m thinking Vontae was upset with being shopped around during the trade period so he decided he would milk his injury and not play for the Colts. Ballard and Coaches then decided to cut him. Good move. Sets a tone and gives them a chance to watch some younger guys.
  12. I was thinking the same thing. There is a reason the Pats suddenly decided to trade Garropollo. If this was their plan at the beginning of he season they would not have traded Brissett. Seems Bellicheck is up to something.
  13. This is feeling like Bert Jones all over again.
  14. Manning has owner money. He will put a group together and buy the Saints or Titans. He's not going to be a GM.
  15. Bringing Bill Polian back would be great but he would bring his son Chris with him.
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