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  1. Needs to stay healthy says alot. Alot of players are really good - if only they stayed healthy.
  2. No gamepass, but you can't miss a Colts game when it's being televised live, primetime or not!
  3. Still, if Polian wishes to bash someone for their in-game performance do it to Caldwell or the special teams instead
  4. Or maybe he's simply not a competent GM. Period.
  5. I just vomitted after reading this! He's hoping for us to win one single game so that he won't look bad and his puppet won't be fired. Did he really call out McAfee? Maybe he should get down on the sideline to watch games since he clearly can't get a clue of what happens on the field from his skybox.
  6. problem is that in this process all our smurfs get injuried
  7. Hmm, they give playing time to some DE coming in from the streets but Jerry Hughes rides the pine?! And what happened to Freeney and Mathis today? total nonfactor!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. And now we're gonna have another week of Polian praising Caldwell for making this a close game in the end with a less loopsided score than expected by EVERYONE. baaah
  9. I wouldn't call it selfish to hope for the best for the team I support, and I honestly believe keeping Manning is the best solution. What do you suggest the colts tell Mannning "Hey lad, we're convinced you're good enough to compete, but we suck so bad that we need to cut you loose only to have an unprooven QB start instead - but feel free to win a few rings with some other team" what kind of message is that to send? From a business standpoint it doesn't add up - from a personnel standpoint maybe.
  10. again my point stands If you want the colts to win you keep Manning - I for one don't wish to see him tear apart our sloppy tampa 2 defense for some other team!
  11. So, who are you rooting for?! Based on your comment you're a Manning fan and thus can't be called a COLTS fan. I'm a Manning fan too, but I won't root for him to win a SB ring for someone else than the colts! On topic: I don't get all the trade Manning posts - he's most likely the best QB in NFL history every, why oh why would you ever trade someone like that if he's healthy?! If his healthy we keep him, if his too worn down with his neck issues he'll retire.
  12. then marijuana might be the only way to get some sort of emotion out of him - but on the other hand we lost anyway
  13. but was it his face or his whole body that was full of emotion? he might pull some muscles in his face if he made to many facial expressions
  14. still beats Caldwells emotionsless face!
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