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  1. Why not both? We'd have the talent, and especially if Allen's blocking is up to potential, we could actually use 2 TE sets and make them work.
  2. Why would they get rid of Richardson? He is still on his rookie contract, especially if we need a body for Brown's potential absence. Hopefully Ballard can be healthy...that is our only concern with Vick right now.
  3. Point of contact to end of play~1 yard.
  4. Its like trying to compare Adrian Peterson and Donald Brown, except in this case the action considered is entertaining people. I can only assume using that analogy that Gandalf thinks Craig Ferguson is much more entertaining than Jimmy Fallon. However entertainment value is very subjective. Further, Jimmy and Craig don't have to compete with each other since there is such a thing as Tivo or the internet to catch highlights or old episodes.
  5. Southwest1 declares unfunny. Nothing to see here. Carry on folks. It was silly. It was fun.
  6. So the author of that article calls Mathis the "Unofficial midseason MVP", but then links to an article where Mathis isn't mentioned once...not even for defensive player of the year. That seems like a bit of a joke to me.
  7. Sure it may be common practice to take out the high and low outliers. It just so happens that you (as in, you all) can't take out any short or negative outliers, because they aren't 'extreme' enough. By doing this, you skew the results against whatever running back is being discussed.
  8. This thread...brought you by people that need to be right.
  9. All of what was said in this thread is reasonable. However, today was perhaps his strongest showing as a runner. I think he broke more tackles today than he has all season.
  10. The corners were passable. Overall it was the middle of the field that hurt us time and again. They would find a good match up against one of our linebackers and exploit it.
  11. Apparently he visited the hospital where my friend works. She said it was, "surprisingly patchy."
  12. Is it a league wide initiative for the refs to let the corners/receivers be more physical? After the Colts game I watched the finale of the Texans/Titans game and there were repeated no-calls by the referees there too.
  13. I don't know what's wrong with Landry getting a tackle. ;)
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