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  1. I live in eastern canada. Started following football with Peyton in Tennessee. Then the rest is history.
  2. I predict we play broncos. Cinci vs pats. Then colts go to cinci for afc championship!,
  3. Only way to get a home game is if we beat pats and chargers beat broncos (after beating cinci)
  4. Yeah there is no afc/NFC this year so luck is not getting in. I also can't see freeman going. I think AV and Mathis are the only two playing all-star seasons. Love them all, but trying to be realistic.
  5. I agree again. I just don't want to give up yet. I feel like this team has and can do good things. I'm not saying they are Super Bowl contenders, but I don't think they are as bad as they have been vs stl and today.
  6. I agree. It's always harder when your team struggles. Maybe that's why our fan base is so bad at losing. We're not used to it.
  7. I never said you specifically. But I find some of the colts fans on here so negative. It's embarrassing.
  8. Some of you "fans" are spoiled rotten. We had Peyton Manning, years of wins, and two Super Bowl trips. Then one year of bad football, drafted a qb most teams search decades for, and make the playoffs. Now we are leading our division late in the year and people are non-stop complaining and crying. Are we a great team? No. But it could be so much worse. Stay positive and be thankful. Makes me embarrassed more to listen to our so called "fans" then watching us get blown out of the water.
  9. hould you not renew your season tickets for 2014 and desire a refund for the playoff tick- ets purchased, the following procedures must be followed: Submit a letter stating you no longer desire season tickets; State in your letter you desire a refund for the tickets for the post season game(s) not played in Indianapolis; and Enclose a copy of your playoff invoice. You may request a refund without canceling your Colts season tickets by submitting a letter stating you desire a refund on the post season games not played in Indianapolis, but you wish to retain your season tickets for 2014. All requests for refunds must be submit- ted prior to January 31, 2014. Refund checks will be processed after that date. ALL REFUND CHECKS WILL BE MADE PAYABLE TO THE 2013 SEASON TICKET ACCOUNT HOLDER OF RECORD, REGARDLESS OF PAYMENT ORIGIN. ANY CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS ENTITLED TO A REFUND WILL BE CREDITED TO THE CARD USED TO MAKE PAYMENT.
  10. You will be invoiced for the Divisional game and the AFC Championship game . If the games are not played in Indianapolis, you will automatically receive a playoff credit on your 2014 Season Ticket Account. If you have two seats, its double.
  11. Why would he be faking injury? just curious....
  12. how did you not include the Texans losing to the rams? am i missing something?
  13. I tweeted him about this article. He replied "they recently damn near had a winless season and that roster was in decay last few years under Polian. I love Grigson. Google it” I don't buy it. Colts have had long term success with polian. Knew when to move on, hired gm of the year, rebuilt this team right. I think their front office has handled the past decaded at a top level. One season should not ruin legacy. It should actually support the unbelievable turnaround and rebuild. It's really amazing what they have done over the past 15 years.
  14. Attending Thursday. Friday and Saturday belongs to my girlfriend for letting me go to draft on our vacation to nyc. So twitter it is.
  15. I think it's in the best interest for DHB to sign 1 yr deal. If he's good, he gets paid. If not, he will get similar next year. Same as what Avery did. And Talib is doing. He probably wouldn't sign for this type of money for 3-4 years, and I don't blame him.
  16. Here's some weird ones. David Thornton and Mike Doss. I'm not old enough to go back too far
  17. The limited have a better fit, and also the fly wire around the collar. I have both. Bought 100$ when it first came out, then waited for limited.
  18. Game jerseys (100$) are screen printed, limited (155) has the stitched numbers. They are lighter twill stitching than official jerseys. The descriptions actually clear it up if you click on them. But you can buy limited jerseys cheaper on nflshop. In my opinion, limited jerseys are the way to go. Much nicer then screen printed, and half the cost of the game elite ones.
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