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  1. Against the Texans, I counted him as being beat on 6 of 25 run plays (24%) and against the pass getting beat 15/44 plays (34%). That’s a quarter to a third of our offense of him getting beat leading to a loss or hurried pass or sack. Even his "successful" plays are where he was included on a double team, or the pass was gone quick where he didn’t have time to get beat. On pass plays, he got beat repeatedly on swim moves, or bull rushed, held, or didn’t pick up the stunt. On run plays he was run over, didn’t hold the block, held, or completely whiffed on the second level block on a LB (where there was no DL in front of him). It was a horrific game if you just watch his plays.
  2. See responses to BigQungus on Glowinskis performance and stats from yesterday's game. The tape does not lie.
  3. Guys, if you don't think a first round pick is worth it on a guard, just remember what Nelson has done to transform this offense! Having a superior offensive line is demoralizing to opponents. Here's a few stats from the Texans game on Glow 6\25 RUN plays he was beat, missed his guy, held, fell down in the hole, or completely wiffed on the second level block (that's 24% of running plays) 15\44 PASS plays he was beat with a swim move, didnt pick up the stunt, held, or was powered straight thru (that's 34% of pass plays) That's between A quarter and a third of our offense being affected by his play. Most of these misses had a direct affect of Brissett getting hit or hurried or the running game getting stuffed. That's straight from the tape and has nothing to do with scheme. Straight up man assignments. A lot of the successful plays he was part of a double team, or the pass was so quick he didn't have time to fail. Watch the tape
  4. Glowinski was the problem on both run and pass plays. Watch the film. It's a trend this year. I rewatch every game in slow motion and put in the time to see where every play was successful and where every play failed. He was blown up or simply had a swim move put on him on SEVERAL occasions. I think the other 4 OL are making up for him, but we need to draft another RG in the 1st or 2nd round this year behind pas rush/DE.
  5. Glowinski has to go (or at least stay in a backup role). Please Ballard draft another right Guard in the 2020 draft. Don't take my word, watch the film. He was beat quite easily on many run or pass plays. Probably the best we got now at RG, but I would make this my first (or second round) draft choice behind DE.
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