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  1. Where do you see any part of the offense that is comfortable, or in sync? This team does not score, this offense is on the field less than any other offense in the league. No player on this offense is playing to there capabilities, so why not start Orlovsky? quite frankly, The team can not play worse offensively.
  2. I partly agree with you that the colts are allowed a down season every decade or so, what i think most fans are having trouble with is the fact that football is such a team sport, and all you hear is next man up, and the players were complaining about feeling disrespected because no one thought they could win with out Peyton, and they go out there and are 0-9 to start the season, and confirm everyones suspicions. This season truly shows how important manning has been to this team, and how much he really made certain players look better than they really are. Not one starter on offense or defens
  3. when Pat Mcafee punts a ball, he tells it when to come down.
  4. Problem is the offense played relatively well the first 3 weeks but the defense could not get key stops to put the offense in position to win the game. My point is not that the offense is good by any means, but how collectively bad the team has been as a whole.
  5. A lot of what you said is accurate, but if you truly believe that this team is playing hard, you are mistaking. These past couple of weeks this team has not even been competitive, and there is no excuse for that.
  6. He has no defense, just look at the colts team.
  7. I really like carter a lot, he is physical and never goes down at first contact.
  8. I like Irsay, he is as personable as an owner can be with his tweeting. I think he truly wants this team to win, but like us all, was dumbfounded by the impact the loss of the great one actually would have on this team.
  9. Curtis painter is just being... Well, Curtis painter. He had a few decent games, but thats all they were. Decent games in losses are still losses. I readily admit, he hasn't played as bad as I thought he would, but he also not been anything to write home about. The colts are just a bad team that an immortal QB in peyton manning has covered the holes in for years now. The team thought they could let guys retire, and go to other teams and just replace them with undrafted free agents, or rookies and it would be the same. You can't replace guys like Tarik Glenn, and Jake scott, and Bob Sanders, an
  10. Like the rest of this team, they were relying on Peyton Manning to provide them with a lead, and Freeney and Mathis would take care of everything from there. This team was definitely to reliant on Peyton, and we are feeling the effects of it right now, and will continue to feel the effects for the rest of the season.
  11. That just does not make sense to me, if that was the case, Lacey would have been cut a long time ago. He has been burned more than every other defender on the Colts combined.
  12. Not going anywhere, been apart of these forums for about 5 years (no matter how many times they have changed), and been a fan of the colts for a lot longer, only thing you can do is hope Manning comes back ready to roll next year, and we have a good season next year. Until then, you just hope this years team can start looking like a real football team eventually.
  13. idk, he stayed in college one more year even though he knew he would be the number 1 pick, and could possibly have an injury that could hurt that opportunity the following year. Luck just seems like a different kind of guy, who would definitely want to start right away, but would not make waves sitting and learning for a couple years, especially behind the GOAT. Now i dont know the guy personally, but i can appreciate a guy delaying himself from getting 10's of millions of dollars to stay 1 more year for the college experience, and possibly winning a National Championship.
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