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  1. I really like Mack but JT is so damn good and he’ll help the passing game a ton by not allowing teams to sag off. He also ran a faster 40 than I thought he was going to.
  2. Thank you Chris, was expecting a trade back
  3. Give me Higgins and McKinney. Ballard loves his picks but constantly trading back and adding 10 rookies to the roster every year isn’t sustainable. We need to start taking great players in front of us, not several behind.
  4. Just saw a 2nd round Mock on FantasyPros that had us getting McKinney & Higgins. That would be a great scenario.
  5. Not sold on Ya-Sin or Turay but I hope you're right!
  6. At some point Ballard needs to sit and take BPA a few times in a row. He’s batting about 50% on his 2nd rounders so far (thank god for Darius) so we’re not getting a big advantage.
  7. One thing that I haven't seen mentioned is that this could be a good thing by Ballard. We've all heard for the past 18 months how much he really liked Love. Maybe he is a smart enough evaluator to go against his initial evaluation and not pull the trigger on someone at 13 (conceivably) that he once really liked. He decided that Buckner was better than anyone on his board past the 12 number. Caveat, I do not like the Rivers trade but can live with one-year. His side-arm and constant complaining drive me crazy.
  8. Philip Rivers has nothing left, absolute wet noodle for an arm. Hope we get outbid
  9. I think I've talked myself into have CeeDee Lamb at the very top of my board (#2 overall after Burrow). I will be ecstatic if we get him. Watch this highlight reel - great hands, fast, doesn't ever want to go down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1571Ihhk65Q
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