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  1. Still kissing JB's * now? Wake up SweetPea.
  2. TY needs to quit diving 3 yards short. He does it constantly.
  3. So tired of Ty diving when he can pick up three or four more yards.
  4. Why are these "off season type" threads popping up during the season? I know it's been a rough one but.............
  5. I seen Kelly play in 4 preseason games. You must have missed a few. And his states were pretty damn good in all of them.
  6. That Saints 2 hour pregame was awesome.
  7. After the Mom joke.....I'd say no.
  8. I would never trust my money in a bsnk.
  9. Wasn't he the one who retired so he could sit on his * and play video games?
  10. Never is a loss is what you WANT to experience. It's a freaking loss. You learn in practice. Not during a game.
  11. You guys are popular.... https://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?t=325611
  12. It's easier to catch the ball when it's not thrown behind you.
  13. They are all from the same guy. I'm calling nonsense. The Colts would never sign a guy with that attitude.
  14. I live in Cincinnati. UC is opening tonight against UCLA at home. That's the big game in town.
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