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  1. As much flack as Pep gets, deservingly so, he has shown that he will adapt to what's working. So I expect more looks to TE's and RB's. Allen just needs to stay on the field.
  2. Not sure on how to provide link on iphone, but here's a good article on Luck. http://m.bleacherreport.com/articles/1819612-who-is-andrew-luck-behind-the-scenes-with-a-unique-personality-and-talent
  3. Pep is doing great as T-Rex has pointed out. My concern is some of the goal line situations when they call three straight pass plays instead of punching it in. Isn't that what TRich is known for the best. But, maybe Luck is changing the play. All my opinion, but T-Rex's stats, and being 5-2 with that tough schedule means he doing pretty good.
  4. Winston, IMO. He kinda plays like Luck from what I seen of him.
  5. Duh, we lose to KC then. It was a late night at work.
  6. 14-2. Lose to SD and KC. Hope is a good thing Morgan Freeman. ;-)
  7. That one where he spun around and found TY was good
  8. I think Bradshaw will skip the surgery and be back after the bye. Dude is one tough SOB.
  9. Every QB makes bad decisions and throws. Manning had 6 int's in 1 game. And was the king of pick sixes, and he is the best to play the game.
  10. Cherilus ratings has to be up there too. Dude playing well.
  11. Luck's rating cant be right. There is something "off" with Luck. :-/
  12. Good article. Sure Colts should have won more rings. But as its been said its hard to win a Superbowl. Takes little bit of luck too. When Colts won, I'm not so sure Colts would have beat Chargers. Always seem to have bad luck against them. That was the only time that I ever rooted for the *s.
  13. I don't get into the draft that much. I watch to see who Colts pick, read about him or read the fine info from you guys. But Gacker, your making me feel like a draft expert! Backwards logic dude.
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