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  1. Nfl.com gives a reasonable explanation. In short the chiefs were a lot more vertical in Maclins first year versus last year's short game which spread the ball around a lot more and created more production for other WRs and TEs on the team. And the cap savings will be more than the dead money which will be split across this year and next. So paying top dollar for a WR that didn't fit their scheme and whose production was almost the same as multiple cheaper options on the team didn't make sense.
  2. I guess my point is that you picked a bad example to blame Harnish. While his play was horrid, our 3rd/4th string defense couldn't stop their 3rd/4th string offense and gave up a 26 point lead. If we would've had a bit more talent depth wise and held them to field goals instead, we would've walked away with a win.
  3. wouldn't that indicate a need for more depth on defense? Unless of course Harnish threw four pick sixes?
  4. I think the timeout was because they were unclear of the rules. The play clock and the game clock were so close they weren't sure if they would get a delay of game penalty or not. At least that's what the game announcers said. Sounds like a reasonable argument to me. :yes:
  5. I say we call him "The Warden" because the opponent's receivers get "locked down" in "Davis Dungeon"
  6. True enough in a sense. But stats aren't as important to the coaches. The players are graded when the coaches break down film and see who executed plays properly.
  7. Here's my opinion: Physically Holmes is better than Shipley, but the vet knowledge of Shipley edges out a not quite 100% Holmes for this game.
  8. Did Xavier Nixon play/play well? I was hoping he would make a good sophomore leap.
  9. I still don't see it. If I drop out of basic week one, I still get to keep my uniforms. Did i earn them? I will say though if he had worn a beret then the gloves would've been off for that.
  10. meh.... I don't see the big deal. The uniform isn't earned. Its just government issue. It's the rank and the medals that are earned. He wasn't wearing either of those.
  11. Of course you'd say that when that's the only one I watched. ;) Kidding. Won't deny that everyone has a bad game once in a while. I'll just allow myself to be pleasantly surprised when he's improved drastically once the season starts.
  12. Admittedly I only watched the Tennessee game from the Jackson videos thread here, but what little I saw I wasn't impressed. His athletic ability allows him to get to the heart of the play, whether it be rushing the quarterback or tracking down the ball carrier. That part was indeed impressive. But he seems to have an all or nothing tackling style that's almost Landry-esque, He's always trying to deliver the big hit and misses just as much as he hits. There were too many arm flailing tackle attempts, reaching back to trip up the guy he just whiffed on. He doesn't wrap up at all. While the thoug
  13. Honestly I don't have a link. But I see that my train of thought derailed and caused me to omit a fragment of my sentence. He graded out better than all but one of this years. The writer of the article didn't seem to think very highly of this year's class of centers was my interpretation. Because though there were positives about Holmes there were plenty of negatives and yet the writer still placed him above almost all of this year's class.
  14. Me neither. Seems he needs some coaching in tackling. Saw several plays he was in position to make a tackle for a loss or short gain and did a Landry like attempt at tackling with similar results.
  15. I agree with you wholeheartedly. We won't know what we have until we let the man play. With the past year in an NFL environment being coached by our staff he'll be far more combat ready than anyone we could have drafted. I read an article somewhere this offseason comparing last year's center class versus this year's and Holmes graded out better than all but one if I remember correctly. So I'm ready to see what we have. And if Holmes doesn't work out, some pundits claim center is Mewhort's strongest position.
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