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  1. Please report all the names and tell mods to ip check them. I bet some of you are creating accounts that resemble my name. Why, I dont know
  2. Dude, thisthis is my only account. You people think you're so smart. I dont have time.to make that many accounts. Why on earth would I even want to make that many accounts. Common sense is lacking with a few of you.
  3. It may be hard to believe, but this is my only account. Im sure a mod has checked by now.
  4. On just arm talent, advantage Bob. Luck has these guys beat in other areas, but his arm is ehh.
  5. This kid throws a great ball. NO in NO will do this to a lot of qbs
  6. He was a way better c than he was guard. After seeing his interview with Pat Mcafee, he seemed to suggest C was his original position, and he prefers it over guard.
  7. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I can't tell. Tannehill has the awareness of a drunk pothead, but he has a cannon and quick release. And threads the needle.
  8. Please be quiet and allow adults to converse.
  9. I'm speaking just arm. Not overall player.
  10. Who has the better arm? Accuracy, arm strength, throwing motion.
  11. Wouldnt put anything past the kid, his will is legendary.
  12. Donald Brown found room. Trent was around 3 ypa, he's in midseason form.
  13. Whalen is gone, but Satele is still around. Just wrong. Watch tgr Pats sign him and he becomes a legend.
  14. I love Peyton's throwing motion, always have. Its a thing of beauty. The happy feet thing is his only issue. I said this before, but I hate Luck's grip. I bet its the reason the ball doesnt jump out of his hand. Only gis ring finger is on the laces. And he doesnt stand tall at time. Why bend so far? I should be the qb coach
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