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  1. I will go with anyone on this topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unions are unions.......DEALS are DEALS!

    Vilma is ......

    P and E.....YOU are clueless! Been there/DONE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU are out of line. I have said right along that they can't complain too much because they gave Goodell all of the power. I think that was a mistake on the NFLPA's part. I don't know why you think it's ok to pick a fight with me.

  2. Yes it does!!!!! Let us look at the CBA! Let us analyze ANY CBA!

    I have lived this for 25 years!! The CBA! It gave Roger Goodell ALL of the power!!!!!!

    If YOU wish to be upset P and E............so be it. I wish YOU the best! PlEASE MAKE A VALID POIINT......I HAVE NOT SEEN ONE!

    You are replying to someone who is not me.

    My only point is that I haven't decided whether I think Vilma deserves a 1 year suspension based on what I know.

  3. We should have a thread about being fired for stupid reasons.

    Happened to me

    Mark Twain once said, If you have never been fired, then you are not trying!

    Organizations have their own goals and sometimes weasely ways of accomplishing them.

    Lesson learned, Don't feel safe just because you work hard and achieve more than any one else.

    You just shake it off and figure it's time to move on

    Other lesson learned, look for integrity in the people you work for and with.

    yes, but it's hard when the cast of characters changes on you like with your sister in law. Wouldn't it be nice to all be self-employed.

    Anyway, I think the union needs to concern itself with fairness as well as health and safety issues. It's a basic responsibility of a union. however, in this case the union is in a tricky spot because they represent both the accused and the victims. Very tight rope to walk. Maybe it's good that Vilma is going outside the process and getting his own representation - takes the fight away from NFL vs. NFLPA which I'm sure we've all had enough of.

  4. That's what way it is........... hard to believe or not

    I know a lot of people who have lost their jobs for economy related reasons.

    Just reality is all it is

    My union doesn't prevent me from being laid off for economic reasons. It helps protect me from unfair termination or being replaced by my new boss' nephew or something.

  5. Vilma is eventually going to have to meet with Godell...In person or in court.

    I guess I dont understand how a hit that knocks you out and requires you to be helped off the field is not an injury..

    If players feel it is, then its a good thing they arent in control of discipline..

    That's going to be a hard arguement to make in front of a jury

    You and i dont have to be convinced that Vilma is guilty..or not guilty....and the NFL is certainly right and legal not to publicize the details in personell matters

    ..Vilma can. if he wishes..

    The idea that he deos not know what he is being accused of is not a serious thought to me.

    I think he's lying.

    He can give a full hour interview to ESPN or the NFL Network at ANY TIME saying what he did and didnt do. Nothing stops him.

    But he hasnt yet./

    Probably because he doesnt want every other player in the NFL to know what he did do.

    .and because he doesnt want to lie on tape about what he didnt do..

    What I hear all of the players say is that if you play the game cleanly and someone gets hurt, that's just a part of the game. If you purposely try to injure someone, that's where the line is crossed. If hard, clean hits are rewarded that's different than being rewarded because someone got carted off.

    Now, if he's guilty of paying specifically for cart offs or for injuries, then I agree with the punishment. I'm just keeping my mind open to the possibility that he didn't pay for injuries or pay more for injuries.

  6. I agree that the players should have met with Goodell and they should have not signed off on the discipline part of the CBA. That's why I'm not going to go on a rant about their rights or anything. I'm just not convinced that Vilma is "more guilty" than anyone else and deserves the harshest sentence shy of Greg Williams.

    I hear all of the players saying there's a difference between hurting other players and injuring other players. A 1 year suspension needs to clearly come down on the side of paying for injury.

  7. Yeah but bosses all over the country make these decisions all the time.

    My sister in law just lost a job she's had for 10 years because a new manager came in.........and didn't like her.

    That's life

    That's why I'm happy to be in a union. The players are in a union. They just shouldn't have given up this right. Concentrated too much on money in negotiations and not enough on these issues. Ultimately, I can't feel too bad for the players, because they signed off on the deal giving him that power.

  8. The are going to have to give up on Hard Knocks. No one seems to want to do it. Maybe no one wants to follow in the Jets footssteps.

    I would think the Colts might be interesting, but I never think it's a team's best interest to do it - reveals too much and causes people to play things up for the cameras.

  9. Also, if the public and Vilma aren't allowed to see the the evidence because someone is being protected, I get that. But, there should be a mechanism for an arbitrator to then review the evidence. I don't know what the NFLPA was thinking in not fighting for an appeal process that doesn't go right back to Goodell. I would think Sean Payton, etc... wish there was a different process as well.

  10. Do you really think that Goodell would hand out this punishment if he were not absolutely sure?

    something has to be done to protect the integrity of this game.

    I don't usually necessarily believe that where there is smoke there is fire. In this case I do

    Perhaps you are right that there is discrepancy between punishments for players and coaches. Maybe they should make the coaches LONGER!

    I would like to know what the evidence is before I decide whether 1 year is appropriate or not. He would have to have specific proof that Vilma paid for injury (and not just for good plays) for me to think that 1 year is appropriate. I would like to know if there's a money trail and not just word of mouth. Big talk is one thing and actually carrying it out is another. I would like to know if the players were warned to knock it off or if that message from the league never carried down.

  11. I sure hope so of course, but Achillies injuries always worry me, especially a man of Peters' size, and given what his responsibilities are. It was reported that this only pushed his rehab back about 3 weeks, but even the initial injury worries me. Hope I'm wrong, but I fear he may have played his last game as an Eagle.

    Only 3 weeks set back would surprise me.

  12. I agree let's see the evidence in question. Vilma has a right to see the documents that prompted this year long suspension. But IMO, has anyone ever considered that Vilma is blowing smoke & lying through his teeth too? Just because a person screams fire doesn't mean there is one either. Where's there's smoke; there isn't always fire in my estimation.

    Absolutely - could go either way. I try not to judge until I know the facts.

  13. Has anyone considered that he might not have done what he's accused of? No one but Goddell has seen the evidence. If nothing else, the lawsuit might force the documents to be released.

    I think the Vilma punishment was too harsh. Suspending a player for a year is much worse than suspending a coach for a year based on length of career. The coaches were warned to knock off the program - the players weren't given a direct warning from the league. Who knew if they even knew that the league was investigating.

    He's also very specific claiming he never paid for injury. That's different than saying he never paid. If he never paid for injury, 1 year suspension is too long. If he did - Goddell needs to show the evidence.

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