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  1. 6 hours ago, Chrisaaron1023 said:

    I get this a little... they were kinda lucky a lot last year. We will see. Carr has been lifted above Luck as far as young QB's.. so we'll see this year how the rraaaidas do


    I think a lot of the Raider hype is simply that they're a classic team who is lovable with a lot of rich history and they have a fan base who hasn't been able to really cheer for the team in the last 15 years. 


    The Colts from 2009-2010 are the only team to repeat having a winning season with 8 or more nail biter close games...Usually, when a team struggles like that and has to win most their games close, they don't repeat it the next season. 


    Oakland last year reminded me of the 2006 or 2010 Saints...We had so many games in both those years where it came down to one possession and Brees leading them down the field to win...After 2006, we crashed hard and went 7-9. It's very hard to repeat that kind of success the next season unless the team dramatically improves. 

  2. 1 minute ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I don't like either one of them either but Mayweather is arguably the best ever, he isn't losing to McGregor. I have Mayweather in 7


    That's debatable according to a lot of boxing experts...Mayweather picks and chooses his fights very carefully. He avoided Cotto and Pacquaco for a long time. 


    Welter-weight too, it's a different category from the heavy weights that are usually in the GOAT debates. I've wondered for years that we probably won't see another heavy weight champion big time again probably due to all the health risks. People look at Ali and his health problems from Parkinson's and see all the risks, and I think it may scare them away. 

  3. 1 minute ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Please don't bet because Mayweather will win this easily. :violin:


    I'm not a gambler at all but if I was, I'm putting money down on Mayweather to win by a TKO. I don't see this going the full length...Mayweather will get the TKO. 


    God I hate both these guys...Mayweather has always been a woman beating piece of crap and McGregor is an arrogant jerk. 

  4. This is still the worst division in football so all teams have a chance. 


    I wish it could be the Titans. They have done a remarkable job with their draft that the Rams handed to them to draft their huge bust at QB...But I don't trust them until they can prove me wrong. 


    Pagano is still coaching the Colts, so I don't have any faith in them either. I expect the Colts to be somewhere around 6-10 or 8-8 at best and Pagano finally getting fired at last. 


    The Texans probably get it again at 9-7. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Chrisaaron1023 said:
    • I feel like the Falcons and Packers waited too long, they can't become the next dynasty. Everyone on Seattle got greedy. They are almost done. 



    Matt Ryan has only won 3 playoff games in his entire career...Michael Vick still has more playoff wins as a Falcon than Ryan has, and Ryan has been there for more time by now. The idea of Atlanta ever becoming a dynasty is down right laughable. They barely went 11-5 last year where they racked up 8 of those wins against defenses that were ranked 27th or worst (they were 8-0 vs defenses worse than them). Atlanta plays in the absolute toughest division in the NFC. it's safe to say, they'll be lucky to go 8-8 this year with the revolving door of the NFC South. 


    Green Bay was supposed to become a dynasty according to everyone after 2010 and it never happened due to the same reason the Saints failed - no defense...They have one of the best quarterbacks in the league and after they won a championship, their defense completely regressed big time and they have done nothing to patch up the holes. Dom Capers is still there after all these years, which is pretty much a joke at this point. 


    The Raiders hype is laughable right now too. Their defense was ranked in the bottom 4 and they racked most of those wins in nail biter/shoot out games...Teams don't get lucky like that back to back. I expect Carr to dramatically regress too now that he got paid over the moon like Flacco a few years back. 

  6. 8 hours ago, Lucky Colts Fan said:

    I could see Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson keeping the Seahawks competitive for a long time.  Except for a certain play-call at the end of a certain SB, we might already be calling the Seahawks the next dynasty.


    Image result for marshawn lynch confused


    Russell Wilson is an average QB when you take that defense away and old Pete is already losing control of that team with the locker room wars with the defense vs Wilson. 


    To be absolutely fair here, Seattle did not have enough offense to truly be a dynasty. If Green Bay don't completely choke away a 16-0 lead in the NFCCG, they wouldn't have even got there again. 

  7. On 8/18/2017 at 9:20 AM, ColtsBlueFL said:

    I have had the Peyton Manning in a Broncos uni, and the Andrew Luck (Neard included) pieces for a few years now.  Present from my wife.  




    They are fun little nick-nacks. Easy to lose pieces, especially if kids/grandkids get interested in them.




    If you're interested, there is a Peyton Manning in the Colts uniform I came across on EBay. They'll most definitely be adding him to the NFL Legends lineup eventually. I'm hoping they eventually add Dan Marino to that lineup, he's one I would love to pick up. 


    I imagine these will be collector's items in the next ten years. There are some that already run for heavy prices. 

  8. 34 minutes ago, Jules said:

    I enjoyed the review at least. Very well down. Very detailed.:thmup:


    And those are adorable! lmao 




    Favre got shafted. lmao 


    I would check those out for the NBA too. Very cool stuff.


    Thanks Jules, they're really cool. 


    I'm definitely planning on buying more and will post more pics of them. My eyes are set on some of the NFl Legends series...Steve Young, Reggie White (Packers version) and Troy Aikman are the three I'm most definitely going to be getting for sure. 


    They seem to be just now starting off the NBA figures, they only have a few for each team except for Golden State and Cleveland who have a bunch. I'm hoping they do NBA Legends in the future once that series takes off, cause I'd love to have some figures of Kobe, Garnett and Wilt Chamberlain. I imagine they may do that in the future since NBA Hall of Famers still are very popular and sell a lot of merchandise after retirement. 

  9. Five Thirty Eight is onto this now and wrote a pretty good article on the Jets horrible expectations. 





    Taken together, the Jets’ top five remaining wideouts — Robby Anderson, Jalin Marshall, Charone Peake, Chris Harper and Frankie Hammond — average 1.4 years of NFL experience, 18.6 career receptions and 223.8 receiving yards.

    The Jets have arguably the worst quarterback group in the NFL, an offensive line that lost its left tackle (Ryan Clady) and center (Nick Mangold) from last season’s 5-11 squad, and a pass defense that last year ranked 31st in Football Outsiders’ Defense-adjusted Value Over Average (DVOA). With games scheduled against teams from the stacked AFC West and NFC South divisions, it’s no wonder that people are saying the Jets are headed for an 0-16 season.

    But a winless season takes more than a terrible roster; it also takes terrible luck.

    The 2008 Detroit Lions are the only NFL team to go winless in the NFL’s 37 years of 16-game regular seasons.1 Last season’s Cleveland Browns came pretty close — making it to 0-14 before picking up their only win in dramatic fashion in Week 16. The 2008 Lions and 2016 Browns have something else in common: The numbers say their results were profoundly unfortunate.

    Pro-Football-Reference.com’s “expected wins” calculation measures what a team’s record should have been based on how many points it scored and allowed. It’s a simple formula that essentially assumes that a team’s close wins and losses should balance out. And it turns out that assumption is mostly right:

    Deviations between a team’s actual and expected records have a tendency to evaporate across seasons.

    According to expected wins, the 2008 Lions should have had 2.8 wins and the 2016 Browns should have had 3.5. In fact, only 11 teams have finished a 16-game season with one or no wins — and those teams averaged 3.0 expected wins. In other words, teams that flirt with zero wins usually have the talent to win a few more games, but they also catch a lot of (bad) breaks, losing more often than could reasonably be expected from the way they played.


  10. The Saints medical staff has had several blunders. The biggest one though was not properly diagnosing Nick Fairley with a heart condition which is probably going to end his career. We had no idea about it and then gave him a big contract just to find out at the worst time. 

  11. Has anyone else bought any of these? They are the coolest things ever! 


    OYO figures are modeled like LEGO mini-figures. If you liked LEGO stuff growing up, you might fall in love with these. 


    What is OYO? Here is their official site. 




    The mini figures have been around for a few years but I had not seen them until around January of this past year. I came across one of Brett Favre and just had to have it and spent 11 dollars on it. For those that know me, I'm very honest about the fact that Brett Favre is probably my all time favorite player ever and made me truly love football when I was young so the first one for me definitely had to be the old gunslinger and no one else. 


    The brand has expanded since then and now they have NBA figures but they appear to have just gotten started with those and only have a few players for each team. 


    My birthday is on Sunday and I went on and spent a little money to treat myself. I found a limited edition commemorative Super Bowl XLIV figure of Drew Brees and had to buy it (cheap too for around 15 dollars). I wanted a Drew Brees figure really badly, but I have a special preference for the Saints white jerseys...I got lucky finding the one for the Super Bowl as it also had the lovely white jersey. 


    Below is several photos I have taken. I apologize if the photos are big and stretch out. If the photos are a little shaky, that's my fault and apologies again. My arms are a little shaky after taking blood and getting some shots at the doctor this past week. 


    The figures come in a small cardboard box that slides upward revealing the pieces of the figure. 


    (Click the pics to zoom in on any of them)




    The Brees figure had a plastic part cut out where you can see the figure without sliding it open. 


    Now we're going to slide them open to see the inner box. 





    The Brees figure has a hard plastic tray and is neatly organized. The Favre figure came in cardboard. 


    The Brees figure was already assembled in it's little spot. I had to put little mini Favre together, which isn't a problem. The helmets assemble and all the pieces fit together easily like old LEGO mini figures always did. 


    There are some neat accessories in there...The Favre figure came with what appears to be Beats style headphones. The Brees figure is wearing the SB 50 hat and came with a water bottle. 


    There is also a plate to stand them up on. They have the logo of the team and the number. The figures really do fit on that plate just like LEGO mini figures always do. 


    I'm going to show off the attention of detail and player likeness of the Favre figure. 




    My hands are a little shaky lately, sorry if this pic is somewhat blurry. There is also a glare from the light above. As you can see over his face, he has that famous stubble/5 o clock shadow that Favre usually had. Most of the OYO figures have a good smile like this too. 



    From the side





    Now the back where you can see the name plate




    The back of the helmets do not have the stripe from the front, but this isn't really a big deal. You still get the sleeves properly painted and the figures look nice. 


    The figures aren't super posable, just like lego mini figures never were, but they are possible to get into a position that looks like they're about to throw the ball. 


    The football piece properly has two slits cut out where you can insert it over the hand pieces. 


    Here is Favre in throwing motion





    As you can see here, the knees really do bend and you can place them down on the plate properly. This is a neat little attention to detail the OYO figures have that makes them unique. 


    Next, here's the attention of detail to Brees. 





    The little birthmark is on his face and the captain logo and SB logo on his jersey, this is neat. 




    The name plate that came with mini Brees is numbered, as the SB versions are special edition and the box clearly says "Sequentially Numbered Limited Edition". I checked on Ebay and there is a ton of them for various SB's, most of them are quarterbacks and they run for decent prices. I only paid 15 dollars for mine. Among them, I did see a Peyton Manning one, 4 of Tom Brady, 2 of Roger Staubach, John Riggins, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco, 2 of Eli Manning and several for the NY Giants (both recent SB's) and several again for Seattle, New England and Denver who had won the recent SB's. These are all commemorative with SB 50, so the recent Atlanta/New England SB figures are excluding from this lineup and come in a different style box. 


    Last thing to show off is the helmets, these look gorgeous even though they are tiny. 





    The logos are perfectly done on the helmets and are quite articulate. The stripe don't go all the way down to the back of the helmet, but that's not a big deal. 



    I personally think these little figures are amazing and plan to buy more and start collecting them for fun. If you check the link to their website, they have figures for all 32 teams and even in other sports. Baseball figures seem to be a really big deal for collectors and you can get one made of yourself. 


    For me, the "NFL Legends" are what I think I'm going to be collecting in the future rather than buying players individually from teams. The NFL Legends page has several fan favorites and Hall of Famers who were memorable and many of them come with the old throwback style jerseys and helmets (the old 80's era Giants helmet looks good on Lawrence Taylor). 




    There are various on this page that I would love to own and will probably expand my collection starting with Legend players. 


    For anyone who came across these figures and was maybe interested in them before, I hope my review here sold you on them. They're very cool! Go ahead and buy them! As for the SB ones, if you want them, they're limited edition so buy them while they're available and hold onto them. 






  12. 24 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Tommy Lee can drum too :thmup:


    So can Stephen Morris! lmaolmaolmao


    Wow, I completely did not realize it at first. You have a player that shares the name with Stephen Morris, the drummer for Joy Division and New Order. My favorite 80's Post Punk drummer and I didn't notice until now. lmao



  13. 5 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    If Luck cant go, I would start Morris on opening day.


    Have you seen Ryan Nassib? I know it's only been one preseason game, but he looked like a backup that would help the Colts...He has great foot movement in the pocket and was under heavy pressure most of the preseason game vs Cleveland. I think he would help the Colts since he's used to moving around under a shaky o-line. But then again, it was just one preseason game and I might be wrong. 


    18 hours ago, ReMeDy said:

    Looking at Rotoworld and so far not a single update on Trent Richardson, other than his domestic violence incident at Walmart back in February.


    This was a big deal in the media where I live, but then again it's Alabama Roll Tide central down here. 


    Trent was an epic bust and many of the locals here were in absolute shock since back in the championship runs, it used to be hotly debated who was the best Bama RB between Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy....When they got that championship in 2011, many argued that Richardson should've got the Heisman that year. 


    It's funny to look back at that now and see what a major bust he became. 


    It's amazing the level of obsession on here with the Pats. 


    Guess what??? Try being an NFC fan back in the 80's and 90's and dealing with another historic dynasty called the 49ers. Try being in that same division with them...Try having a historic defense that can never win the division cause both years you go 12-4, the 49ers decide to one up you and go 14-2. You can go 10-6 and still miss the playoffs cause of this team. And it's not just you, it happens to the Falcons, Rams and later Panthers too. Yes, I am definitely saying the 49ers dynasty was way worse, cause they kept more teams out of the playoffs. The old NFC West didn't even make sense having the southern teams in it and we suffered their wrath for years. 


    Your team plays in the absolute worst division in football. Maybe focus on hating those teams and getting past them. The Pats aren't keeping you out of the playoffs...I could definitely understand the rage if they were keeping you out, but that isn't the case here. 

  16. On 8/15/2017 at 10:06 PM, Grigson's Gaffes said:

    Has anybody here actually watched Delvin Breaux play? He gets exposed on a weekly basis. He had a horrendous first year in the NFL. He was a cheap starter for a team that couldn't have afforded better if they wanted to. (Saints were in one of the worst cap situations of all time when they signed him.) If he's on a cheap deal and being shopped by New Orleans, that's a huge red flag. Would be ironic if he joined the Colts though, because I've always kind of thought of him as the second coming of Jason David.


    I gave you a like cause most of this is true, except for the part about him being the second coming of Jason David. Breaux is overrated as hell, but he's not that bad as Jason David was. 


    However, the Saints DO have some corners in the past 5 years who can properly be compared to David. I'm going with Cory White on that one. No one was worse at blown coverage than Cory White. 


    Breaux often does have a few rare moments where he can make big plays. His biggest issue is that when one bad thing happens, it often snowballs and he gets exposed multiple times. The injury history is another problem. Last year, he stayed hurt and I'm pretty sure he stayed hurt most of 2015. 


    For anyone that wants a laugh, this was the highlight of his rookie season....


    Image result for delvin breaux gif

  17. On 8/14/2017 at 11:27 AM, krunk said:

    Could maybe play a depth role along with Melvin or something else. Who knows?


    If you want him, you can have him. He didn't give up to 10+ TD's last year....But sadly, he's remaining with the Saints. 

  18. Oh my god...This topic...I've got a severe blood infection right now and after seeing this, I'm glad I have limited time online. 


    The way this place over-analyzes that last SB to trash Brady is absolutely mind blowing...No other QB gets treated like this on here with the could've, would've, should've type questions. I'm amazed...

  19. 19 hours ago, crazycolt1 said:

    Cutler did make the pro bowl in 2008-09. I can remember Manning threw him in a swimming pool and ruined his blood monitor. As of this year he holds 14 franchise Bear records. If you look at the records he holds in Chicago maybe you would find he wasn't as average as you think.


    Josh Freeman holds all the records in Tampa Bay for passing too. All that goes to show is that Chicago has really had a history of crappy QB's. Probably their best QB they had back in the day was Harbaugh and he spent his better years in a Colts uniform. Same thing with Tampa Bay, since Freeman only played a few years and managed to take all their franchise passing records. Some teams have a real history of crappy QB play over decades. Before Drew Brees came to New Orleans, Aaron Brooks owned most of our passing records and he only played 5 years.


    In the modern NFL, anyone can pass for inflated stats. Nick Foles threw for 7 TD's in one game and Matt Flynn had a similar performance back in 2011. Neither of them are going to be Hall of Famers when their careers are over. 


    Cutler is the Jeff George of this generation...His stats are right on par with George, just as his crappy attitude always has been. He's an average quarterback, and always was despite his talent and the fact he truly could be better. Jeff George was super talented like him too and could throw beautiful bombs, but they usually went to defensive backs, and his crappy attitude is what got him ran out of so many teams. Cutler has a history of treating his team mates like garbage and complaining to the media, just like George always did. 


    He still didn't make a Pro Bowl as the Bears quarterback. They gave up so much for him and all he did was make the playoffs once, and then sit himself out after getting hit a few times in the biggest game of his life. Cutler never was the QB to lead a team to the promise land. Denver realized this and they got rid of him despite all his talent. Chicago spent 8 years on him, and it's not like he hasn't had play makers around him to succeed. He's had weapons like Forte, Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall, and all that we remember is the epic curb stompings Green Bay used to give him. 


    I don't know why everyone is so high on Cutler all of a sudden...When is the last time a team truly begged a QB to come out of retirement and they actually live up to the hype? Cutler didn't want to play anymore and his commitment to football is already being questioned in southern Florida since they're getting a real taste of his attitude. He'll get benched after throwing a dozen interceptions half way in the season long before he makes the pro bowl. 


  20. 20 minutes ago, IndyScribe said:

    Hasn't the Byrd hype died? Admittedly, I don't follow the Saints, but I haven't seen anyone mention him. I know he was linked to the Colts at one point, but we dodged a bullet there. I remember a lot of people being relieved that we didn't sign him after he tore his ACL. 


    Byrd is hyped up every year due to that one amazing year he had in Buffalo. He was god awful for the Saints...A classic "get paid and don't play" type player. He signed a mega contract and then did nothing to produce in those 3 years. The Saints issues going on several years now have been Loomis giving huge contracts to defensive players like Byrd, letting them get paid and then they do nothing on the field. 

  21. I hope Hard Knocks curses Tampa Bay along with all this major hype they're receiving. They're always good enough to get to a .500 record and then come crashing down hard on their faces in the later divisional games. Last year Tampa Bay went 3-0 in the early divisional games, then 1-2 in the rest, and arguably should've been 0-3 if Ron Rivera didn't have to stupidly go for 2 point conversions in a game he could've just took to OT with the extra point. 

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