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  1. 1 hour ago, crazycolt1 said:

    Sorry but this fight sold more pay per view that the Pacquacio fight did as well as the cost of the seats at the fight. Floyd did his share of the spectacle as well.

    Your dislike of Mcgregor has you arguing a one sided issue.

    I personally don't like either one of the fighters but I am smart enough to know exactly what was going on by both fighters as far as promoting this fight. Without all the antics by Mcgregor half the pay per view sales wouldn't have been there. MMA is entertainment that needs all the 'drama' and Mcgregor just brought that to this fight. That was the plan from day one. I am also quite sure that Mayweather was involved in it from day one. They are both smiling on their way to the bank.

    As far as the fight was concerned Mcgregor did fight a good fight no matter what you think. The odds were stacked against him and no one gave him a chance. Oh, it will be over in 5 or 6 rounds. Mcgregor wont get a punch in. Mcgregor wont win a round. He has no chance. Well he did win more than a round. He lasted into the 10th round. And he did connect on a few really good punches. He walked into an arena he had never walked into. He had never carried the weight of the boxing glove. He had never fought a fight that required him to go as long as a boxing fight. He was out of his element while Mayweather was in his.

    Looking like a KING??  Over a fighter that was ill prepared ?  Nonsense.



    You forgot the part where McGregor is the one who thought he could box...Mayweather didn't go to MMA declaring he's some great fighter and could beat a champion.


    This is on McGregor...Next time, he shouldn't rush to a sport he has no training in just cause he fights MMA...He didn't want to be a boxer and work his way up. His ego is so big, he went straight for a champion and got made into a joke.


    I'm not biased against him...He's an *, and got made into one tonight. Anyone that studies boxing knew very well he was going to get beat, and this was so predictable. I called a TKO...Most Mayweather fights are slow like this. I take it that you've never watched any of his fights. He toys with his opponents early on, and then unleashes around the later rounds...Mayweather fights his way, and mostly is giving people their money's worth. There is never fast knock outs in his fights.  


    I love how everyone keeps bringing up MMA. Totally different sport and irrelevant since McGregor is the one who went into boxing thinking he was something just cause of his MMA record...Mayweather was going to murder him tonight until that fight was called. Yes, he made Mayweather look like a king tonight...He hasn't been able to work someone over that bloody in years, and thanks to this clown, he was able to. 


    Maybe now that he got the beating he deserved, his ego can go down and he can be a normal person again...I'm so glad this guy lost, cause he definitely deserved it after calling him a monkey.

  2. 46 minutes ago, crazycolt1 said:

    Well his ego and so called antics sold more tickets to the fight than Mayweather could have without them.

    Mcgregor held his own considering he had never boxed a round in his life. He was a huge underdog so going 10 rounds he can hold his head up. He was out of his element. Just how long would have Mayweather lasted out of his element if he had to fight in the octagon with MMA rules?  My guess he wouldn't last 1 round.


    Pacquacio sold more tickets than McGregor could've....


    You must not watch many of Mayweather's fights...They're all like this. He goes slow, pretty much gives viewers their money's worth with his defensive strategy and lets the other fighter wear themselves out trying to hit him, and then he unleashes on them in the later rounds. If Mayweather wasn't so despicable and vile, he would be fun to watch cause his fighting strategy and mind tactics are interesting. 


    McGregor got his butt kicked tonight. That last round was a true beating. Had that fight not been stopped, Mayweather would've killed him tonight. All this "He wouldn't last a round in MMA!" it don't matter...McGregor is the one who spent the last two months with his racist comments, calling Floyd a monkey, and saying "dance for me boy!"...if Mayweather himself wasn't so despicable, everyone would've loved seeing this racist clown get beat to a blood pulp.


    McGregor needs to stay in MMA, cause he was just begging to get beat down and it happened...He was a complete fool thinking he could go up against a master at strategy...Thanks to him, Floyd looked like a KING in his 40's tonight. 

  3. 56 minutes ago, crazycolt1 said:

    Mcgregor lasted 10 rounds with a champ and he has never had a boxing match in his life. So you may blow your horn all you care to but it took 10 rounds to beat a fighter who has never boxed is nothing to write home about.

    How long do think Mayweather would have lasted had it been MMA?


    LOL...Mayweather fights are usually slow like this...He is a very defensive boxer who likes to pick his opponents apart in the later rounds. Just cause McGregor is an MMA fight didn't mean he was going to make a good boxer. His ego has been through the roof all year, and hopefully Mayweather just gave him a good humbling. 


    This fight went just the way we all predicted it to go....McGregor got paid...There used to be a joke about getting paid millions to fight Tyson and that's what this fight literally was. So glad I did not waste 100 dollars on it. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Chrisaaron1023 said:

    doesn't matter at all 24 points in the 1st qt.. lol Hogan is short and white. he'll be a great fill in!


    Hogan ripped the Steelers to pieces in the AFCCG. He had the same number of production that Julio had vs Green Bay in the NFCCG that same day. 

  5. 4 hours ago, ReMeDy said:


    What's worse, they blew their window. Now they're a team in transition having lost their OC. Their season is done before it even starts imo.


    Don't tell their fans that. lmao They think they're going to go back and win it lmao


    That SB loss is already mentally breaking them....Shanahan became a decent scapegoat, but now you have Freeman insisting he should've been SB MVP, and Quinn has done a lot of silly things so far this off season freaking out over it. The clock thing was the funniest so far. 


    I don't think Atlanta is going to get another shot like this. Also the first year that they were 100% healthy all year. Julio Jones often gets injured through out the year, and they battle injuries often. 


  6. Just now, RockThatBlue said:

    He just might. You could place a mannequin in at WR for the pats and the mannequin would get 1000 yards 10 touchdowns.



    Brandin Cooks is a slot receiver at best. If they dare try using him the way they did Moss, like all the hype has built up over him, they're going to be greatly disappointed...Cooks struggled so much in New Orleans with every other role Payton gave him besides the slot position. 


    I could end up being totally wrong and maybe the Pats do turn him into a truly lethal receiver, but out here in NOLA, Cooks wasn't all that great when he was outside the slot. His biggest issue was always in coverage where would get straight up abused by defenders playing tight spaces to him. He got outplayed thoroughly by rookie Michael Thomas last year, who could make hard catches in coverage. 

  7. On 8/22/2017 at 2:46 PM, IinD said:

    How great and loud will that 'BOO' be regardless of who they pick at #1?


    I won't ever feel bad for the Jets.



    That has happened before with the Jets. 



    Can't get over the end of that video where they're chanting "We want Sapp!" That was before internet and yet the fans back then had it right over this team. 

  8. 5 minutes ago, SilentHill said:


    Andrew takes more than any other QB in the league could have taken, have you seen our o-line?


    Going to have to slightly disagree with you on that one....David Carr's sack numbers are still the worst when it comes to punishment QB's take. Archie Manning and Patriots era Jim Plunkett are probably runner ups in that debate. 

  9. 4 hours ago, BloodyChamp said:

    Meanwhile fans of another team seemingly pleasure themselves to Brock, Lynch and Siemian failing (as if Peyton's first year was a winning season and he didn't lead the league in INTs).


    What's even funnier is that Sieman was an upgrade to Manning last year....They'll never admit it, but he played the Trent Dilfer role exceptionally well being carried by a defense every step of the way...


    6 hours ago, dgambill said:

    What's interesting is that many of their fans didn't want to embrace Peyton and always skeptical of him.....but as time goes on their respect for him continues to grow.....they are seeing Brock fail...watching Siemian and Lynch not even take them to the playoffs.....Peyton will be up there with Elway in about 10 years if this trend continues...they didn't know how lucky they were.



    Peyton is never going to be beloved in Denver like he is Indy...Elway is God there, and Peyton really is just a product of Elway to them...Peyton didn't go there on his own. They see Elway for winning the Peyton sweepstakes. 


    The year they won the SB, he had the absolute worst TD/INT ratio of a SB winning QB. They were winning games that year with Brock, and it bothered the hell out of the fans on here... To Peyton's credit, he at least acknowledges this and jokes about Denver's defense carrying him to his second ring. If anyone was lucky in Denver, it was Peyton for having that defense carry him. No ring #2 if not for Von Miller and that defense....Sorry, but no. Their fans are never going to love him as much as Colts fans do, cause they didn't even really need him in 2015 when that defense was doing 100% of the work. Manning was far more essential to the Colts during their runs. 




    That hit was legal. 


    OBJ is a huge baby and I don't see anyone complaining about him mouthing off and getting physical after contact, and he does it all the time...The Josh Norman incident proved how easy it is to mentally break him with trash talk and good cover, cause he's so used to getting his way. Typical, wide receivers with big mouths can do whatever they want and you can't hit them. OBJ is lucky he is a wide receiver, cause if he was a corner, he would get called dirty every time, like he should've been after the Josh Norman incident. Norman proved how easy he is to frustrate and drive him into penalties. He had a lot of offensive pass interference calls last year and fines...and maybe if he didn't go party on a boat in Miami before the playoffs, he could've focused on catching the ball and probably beating a mediocre Packers team in the wildcard round. 


    This is what is ruining football...Diva wide receivers and the rules have been changed so much that they can practically do whatever they want. Every big hit on a receiver gets debated if it was dirty or not. You can't even really tackle them physically anymore without horse collar and pass interference penalties... This hit was legal, but because OBJ is a big baby, it's being debated. OBJ puts his hands all over defensive backs and it's all OK cause he's an offensive player. Defense can't do nothing without getting flags everywhere these days. 


    I wish so hard the NFC East was like it was back in the early 90's and to see OBJ have to deal with true physical defenses. If Norman could frustrate him that easily, then Eric Allen and Andre Waters would break him mentally after just one game against the old Eagles...The 90's Cowboys defenses with Kevin Smith and Darren Woodson would've frustrated him too with some good hits...

  11. 13 hours ago, Myles said:

    I agree that the AFC South has been the worst division of the past 20 years.   But we are talking about THIS season.

    The Jets?     Are you using past Jets success to make a case for the AFC East this season?   


    Since 2002, the AFC South has consistently been the worst division in all of football. This was the year the realignment happened, before that you had Tennessee and Jacksonville in the Central, and the Colts used to play in the AFC East. I'm judging it by that, so yes I can use the Jets past success to make a case on a historical scale. The AFC South has never sent another team into the AFCCG. If Houston could ever get a QB, that might change...Houston is the team that should be dominating that division, but it all comes down to the QB situation. 


    I expect the AFC South to still be horrible this season. It will be won at a 9-7 record or maybe even 8-8...It might be more competitive than the AFC East, but that's only cause the Colts aren't the dominating powerhouse of the bad division like they used to be. 


    Most of the bashing to the AFC East is just cause the Pats have dominated it so easily in recent years...even though the Colts did the exact same thing with a worse division during Manning's prime..


    Most teams that go on a run like that dominating their division for over a decade like the Colts and Pats have done, often benefit from it being weak at times...The Buffalo Bills of the 90's dominated a horrible AFC East too where their only competition was Dan Marino who never could beat them late in the season or in the playoffs. The 49ers of the old days, always had it easy in the old NFC West even when teams like the Rams and Saints would make the playoffs, they would still win the division at a 13-3 or 14-2 record. 


  12. 11 hours ago, krunk said:

    Dude it's preseason.  People are brought in all the time to get evaluated.

    If he's that bad I'm sure he won't be here after the cutdowns.


    Hey remember last year when you told me how my team is a dumpster fire and so god awful and I should never talk about the Colts? Remember that??? 


    Now you get to experience my team's draft failures and the pain they're going to bring you. lmao Patrick Robinson last year, and now Corey White...Buckle up, it's going to be a long ride if he makes the team. White was hands down, possibly the worst Saints corner between 2012 to 2015, he was at his absolute worst in 2015. 

  13. 2 hours ago, Myles said:

    I disagree.   I think the AFC South has moved past the AFC East and the NFC West.


    People here say that every year but the numbers disagree. Still the worst division by a mile and has been since 2002. 


    The AFC East at least sent the Jets to the AFCCG twice. The AFC South has never done that. 



    Why are you guys signing former Saints draft players that were massive busts for us? Last year it was Patrick Robinson, this year it was Corey White. The Saints defense has been one of the worst in NFL history, and both of these guys contributed fairly well to it becoming that. 


    Corey White and Patrick Robinson never developed into anything...that's a fact. 


    Let me be the first one to tell you, Corey White is BAD BAD BAD....Go pull up tape of the 2014 and 2015 Saints, and you will have your mind blown at poor tackling and the amount of blown coverage. He was probably our worst corner on the team those 2 years. Cory White would get burned routinely by any team's deep threat receiver. 


    I feel so bad for you guys...Saints fans were tortured for years by Patrick Robinson and Corey White and now you are about to experience that pain too. Get ready to see a corner who absolutely cannot tackle to save his life and gets blown up by even the most average receivers on a deep route..Get used to being stressed out over blown coverage with him. If Patrick Robinson drove you nuts, let me tell you that Corey White is WORSE than him. 


  15. 16 hours ago, ReMeDy said:

    Oh my god, you've got to be kidding. So let me this straight:

    Bills: Lose their best WR to retirement after trading away Sammy Watkins.
    Dolphins: Lose their star QB to injury.
    Jets: Are basically going to give up on the season for the 1st overall pick.

    Hmm, which team in that division does that leave us with that's the clear winner in all this?...


    I can understand the Bills trading Watkins away since he's never healthy and always injured. And they sent him to L.A. of all places where he's not going to do anything with Jared Goff throwing to him...


    Miami is bound to regress since last year they only won a single game against a team above .500 and it was the game they knocked Big Ben out in. 


    The Jets are in complete tank mode and I almost hope that Broadway Sam declares another year in college just to laugh off their tank attempt. 


    It must be GREAT right now to be a Pats fan...don't have to worry about anyone in the division. I sure wish my team had this luxury every year. 

  16. 8 hours ago, DaveA1102 said:

    For me its Drew Brees.  Consistently great even without a strong supporting cast and in spite of his small stature.


    Seems like a really good guy as well.


    Glad someone finally said it on here. Brees has rarely ever had a decent supporting cast. Outside of Colston the team did not have much until they got Jimmy Graham. Brees usually has B and C grade receivers like Lance Moore, Devery Hendersen and Brandon Coleman. 


    I think that changes this year though cause Michael Thomas is the real deal and was the main reason they got rid of Brandin Cooks so easily. Thomas was very effective with big catches in coverage, and I'm hoping he can have another break out season with Brees. If I am getting a Saints jersey this year, it's going to be Michael Thomas. 

  17. 15 hours ago, ColtsBlueFL said:

    I've already lost the faceguard and football for Peyton!  :-(




    Sorry you lost the facemask, it's a cute figure though!



    I will have more pics in the following weeks. About to add Roger Staubach and a few more to my collection...There's a neat Tom Brady one that has the old throwback style uniform that I'm tempted to buy just because I'm a nerd for old throwback looks. 

  18. 8 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    IMO, I don't think anyone could beat Mike Tyson1988ish but he just didn't have the longevity as some others. Ali was awesome so was Smokin Joe. Big George was Tyson before Tyson and he was 6'4 230 pound. Larry Holmes is very underrated as a heavy too, his jab was lethal. Holyfeld beat Tyson but that wasn't 80's Tyson. IMO Tyson would've took him out had they boxed in the 80's.


    My grandfather could give you a good answer on that....


    Tyson has a lot of fans. He's become a sympathetic athlete in recent years, mostly since it is universally agreed that Don King really ruined him, but most of his fans blame his downfall on Cus D'Amato's untimely death and also cause King pushed him to get rid of his original manager tied with D'Amato who I can't think of the name of right now. 

  19. 2 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Yeah I personally loved Sugar Ray Leonard and even Roy Jones regarding their WT classes. Ali of course for Heavy's, Tyson in his prime too.


    My grandfather LOVED, and I mean love, love, loved boxing. He could talk about this with you for hours on end. Like how we discuss football and basketball, that's how he was with boxing. He was never really into football or a major team sport, boxing was his thing so I grew up hearing all this stuff when I was much younger. 


    It's the one sport I seriously wish I had not missed out on in my lifetime. I was just a kid when Tyson was in his prime and I remember when he had the comeback in the 90's but Tyson was pretty much all I lived to see of the old heavy weights. My grandfather loved Marciano and especially Joe Frazier, George Foreman and Ali.


    I feel like I've been lucky to witness many things in sports, and I wouldn't trade any of those memories but I would've loved to witness the prime of boxing as a sport with my own eyes. 

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